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Hey Misfit,

If you are on tonite (EST) - gawd what is the time difference?
Want to do some HC minion runs? Your necro and my windy druid. Unless
you did them all day and are beyond that and ready for NM. My druid can
also go into NM. I'll just have to recheck his resists. Either way -
maxed Oak Sage.

I'll try to keep the hurricane away from your skellies so that only the
monsters I face off with turn to ice cubes.

Next time we see each other let's type the time where we each are so
that we can infuse it into our minds. (you might have already infused
it, me, I have not yet). My initial thought is that you are 17 or 18
hours ahead of me.

I might not get to stay for a whole two hours as Bongo and Spooky might
be calling me for group gangbang on NM Diablo. Also a reminder that
adventuring with Orion means you are also adventuring with his kids,
although sharing in diaper changing and getting juice and changing DVDs
are not required on your part.

Orion Ryder
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    ~misfit~ wrote:
    > Orion Ryder wrote:
    > > If you are on tonite (EST) - gawd what is the time difference?

    EST = NZ - 18
    If NZ doesn't observe daylight savings time, then EDT = NZ - 17
    i.e. your original thought is correct.

    > I'll try to get on a few times today at various times and see what we
    > do. I haven't gone past normal Baal yet, still trying to work out the
    > feasability of dragging mules through the acts to get them to
    Harrogath. I'm
    > ...

    You most likely need someone else to drive the mule till A5. Once you
    are in NM or if you start a new char, park your mule in town of the
    same act your char is questing. They will get all quests as long as
    they stay partied.
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    "~misfit~" <> wrote in message
    > I thought I was more like ~15 hours head of EST but it
    > confuses me every time.

    We just changed our clocks this past weekend. Eastern time is now B-net
    time -4 hours. So Western time should be B-net -7 hours.


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    Doh! I realizedthe same thing - no time check. That's OK. We have the
    right idea though.

    Tonight might be good to move a mule of yours through at least some of
    normal. I think I have char that needs Andy so the mule can sit in town
    while your necro kills Andy with me. The char is a simple Town Cryer
    Barb, (Shout, Battle Orders, Battle Command). If your Necro keeps
    leveling normal you might not level in act 1 NM but you will run the
    quests easily.

    If you want to move further we can get the mule through act 2 easily
    with your necro and my barb. And maybe through mepf. Act 4 will be the
    tough part but we can worry bout' that next week unless we find a char
    that needs the Diablo quest before then.

    Since you have 2 or 3 PCs I would say that an enchantress for you and
    Shady would be perfect also. Level 57 gives all the max chant 20 warmth
    20 chant 20 fire mastery and two pre-reqs give 62 skills and level 57
    through the radament qeust or before the Izzy quest. If Izzy quest is
    used then level 55 will do. My enchantress actually was soloing minion
    runs at players 8 through level 52. Since we have more people playing
    now it will be even easier for you to get herthrough than it was for me
    when I did it. When you have concerns about the connection or are
    tired/exhausted playing a lower character sometimes is a good
    alternative. If your enchantress can chant all your skellies, golem,
    and merc, which can be done in town near any healer-dealer and all
    these guys would keep you alive easily during the worst lag spike that
    you could imagine with all that power at least in normal and most of NM
    (Caveat: except possibly fire immunes can be tough, or if they kill an
    FE boss that happens to be stuck near you when you are stuck in a
    spike. OUCH!)

    Perhaps Kasmir will show up tonight. If he does I'll have him pull my
    enchanter into the game for some delicious cheese between our juants. I
    don't get to use 2 PCs at night, except on rare occassions.

    Orion Ryder
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    On that special day, Alice, ( said...

    > You can install multiple copies of Diablo in one machine I believe. If
    > you are not aware of this, I'm sure someone here knows how.

    Well, Gunde could do that herself, of course. I just wanted to take the
    burden off her :)

    Gabriele Neukam

    Ah, Information. A property, too valuable these days, to give it away,
    just so, at no cost.
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