Lich King: First Week Impressions

Article by Travis Meacham.

Wrath of the Lich King has been out for over a week, and while we haven't hit level 80 yet, we have been able to try out the new Death Knight hero class and run around in Northrend. Here are our early impressions.
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  1. Good article.

    I can reinforce that the xpac is more about the evolution of existing ideas as opposed to breaking new group - for example the new arena designs, and the modernisation of Naxx.

    What it does do is bring an ageing game bang up to date.
    Blizz were not necessarily feeling the pressure - they still retain over 50% of the market - there were signs of slowdowns in recent months however with the releases of Age of Conan followed by Warhammer Online.
    What Wrath has done is revitalise the player base as they explore the new world, and a Game First with the introduction of a unique class has many players very excited.

    I have concerns that may well become more prevalent in a few months as the End Game becomes easier with each new patch or release (2.4 aside)Blizz are in danger of alienating the Hardcore player base
    Indeed, all the available PvE content was fully cleared within days of release. However if there is one company that knows how to keep a game fresh, it is Blizzard.
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