Need for Speed misrable graphic quality !!!

Hi there
Is it just me or you have encountered what misrable Need for Speed Undercover graphic quality ? the textures (especially in the distant) are jumpy and corrupted , Antialiasing seems not to work at all (both in-game and from Nvidia control panel AA or even AF)...Cars margins are even worse and jaggy !!!
Game performance is very good and fast...But the quality (even at highest estting) are **** !!!

What's you comments ? do you have a way to make things better???

Can this be a driver problem ?

My system is
E6420 C2D
2GB Ram 667MHz
Gigabyte 8800GT 512
Windows XP SP3
Nvidia forceware 180.48 latest release
Direct X Novemeber 2008

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  1. Completely agree about the graphics!!

    ... and the gameplay sucks too. As if I was looking forward to this as well, hoping that EA might have gone back to the good old days and made a Most Wanted 2!

    This is just another big disappointment. :(

    Interestingly. If you look at the .ini files in the game directory it says -

    Seems like EA think this to be a sequel to Most Wanted. What a joke more like Most Wanted .1 Alpha

    Also, How can anyone at EA when they were making this game seriously look at the graphics and think... oooh, those bloom/hdr effects look amazing, lets put them in everything we do!! Oh dear, they must all be blind.

    Question: Are there still such things as game testers? or they merely there to note down any of the bugs, etc. Because surely any real game fan can see this is a pile of turd so why can't they? I don't understand how games like this can get released.
  2. Bad disappointing NFS title from EA again.....
  3. try forcing 16x anisotropic filtering in the nvidia control panel. it should help with the bland distant objects.
  4. oh btw, try to force everything to high quality in your nvidia control panel.

    if the graphics still sucks, what do you expect? its NFS lol.
  5. Sure aint no GRID. If you are looking for the most beautiful car and environment graphics get GRID.
  6. ** BREAKING NEWS **

    EA release shoddy game!


    What's new? You should count yourself lucky you were able to get it to install. (Carbon, anyone?)
  7. This game makes me jump to the consoles .
  8. There's plenty of decent driving games for the PC, and good controllers to match. Just stay away from EA!
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