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I am losing save games, if i shut down my computer it is fine, it isn't until i shut off my power for a few hours... I am stumped, my only conclusion is it is getting saved in my ram. and when my computer completely loses power it is losing it. any thoughts?
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  1. Ive noticed crysis can be a bit funny about the number of saved games in total that it can "recognise" I ran into this because I tend to save A LOT, with the problem I was having I believe deleteing a load of excess saves cured the problem.
  2. I seem to remember when i was younger being told that RAM clears in about 30 secs after powerdown, hence i always wait 30 secs before turning the PC back on.

    If you are using a UPS ignore me ofc :D
  3. Probably have too many save-games, or ran out of HD space...
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