360 wireless pad with PC

How do you connect yours?

I need to sort mine out, as i understand it the Play n Charge lead is recognised in Vista, but most people opt for the Wireless Reciever originally designed for the 360 Headset.
I also read about an app called Xpadder which configures the device once connected as well.
Any experience with this, or similar programs?

Preplanning Xmas pressies ftw!
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  1. I just bought the wireless controller for the PC which came with the receiver. It works great. It was a good buy even though it over $60 when I got it at Best Buy. It was easy set up in vista, I basically just had to install drivers THEN connect the receiver and then voila it worked.
  2. I have the wireless reciever thing, but it draws so much current on the line with my other USB devices, I don't have enough juice to run it...(Shows how a 1500 Watt PSU only goes so far :D)
  3. lol, thats a limitation of the usb not your PSU, personally i just use the USB wired controller, none of this wireless junk for me :)
  4. You could run a School of a 1500w PSU man, never mind a wireless hub!

    Thanks for the tip San Pedro, I'm picking one up tonight.
  5. The wired controller is good - the cable is more than long enough for most people (far longer than any other controller I've owned), and you don't have to worry about charging. It's also plug-and-play in Vista (and was in XP as well, IIRC).
  6. The USB hub is the issue, I have the same problem. When I plug the receiver into my HUB it wont establish a connection with a controller the first time. When I plug the receiver into any USB port directly on the computer it works perfectly. If after connecting the controller I move the receiver from the computers USB port to the hub it will work for awhile but eventually it stops recognizing the controller. Luckily I have a motherboard with about 10 USB ports so I simply plugged the receiver into an unused rear port then mounted it to my desk, havent had a problem since.... To me the 360 pad is by far the best one you can use on the PC. Playing thru Fallout 3 now using it.
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