DirectX 9 -- How to know exact version number?


I just downloaded and updated my XP with latest DirectX 9.C, but still under DXDIAG it is showing the same version number as before - 4.09.0000.0904

Have the instalation not successful ? OR it shows this way by default ?
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  1. Run a game that uses directx9c and you'll see if it works.
  2. There were a few updates that did not change the version number.
    If you run dx9 latest in Vista it will show as dx9L which is the correct update number going on previous patches.

    No real (published) reasons for this, just make sure you get latest downloads from MS webby.
  3. actually....

    "I am a program manager at Microsoft.
    I'd like to point out that the link Spacedog has posted is what you should go by.

    I think the confusion exists because there are essentially two part of a DirectX SDK download.
    1) The runtime, which is a redistributable that game developers redist along with games
    2) Libs, Samples docs etc. that game developers use to build their games.

    Since 2003, the runtime/redist has been frozen at DX9.0c. The runtime has not changed since then. Period.

    However, there have been SDK updates every 2-3 months that package up the frozen DX9.0c runtime and updates the libs and samples etc. These are what have versions of the form DirectX 9.0c (date).

    If there are any additional questions, please send mail to"

  4. Type "dxdiag" into the run program command on the startbar, this will give you a window of sh** with the directx version number
  5. ^^ Ooops, sorry I should have read your post properly. Yes you have the most up to date version.
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