Nforce Board with IDE Raid ?

I'm trying to find a nforce board with IDE Raid because I need a least 4 IDE ports (5 HD and 3 CD drives). I know you can plug IDE drives on SATA cables but I don't want to use the bulky adaptors

Anyone knows a board that fits my requirements ??
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  1. ^^

    Anyone ?
  2. The closest I've seen to a Nforce with raid is the Gigabyte and maybe the MSI AMD flagship. however, I know that the MSI needs help from the serial raid to complete the volume. I think Gigabyte is the only board that has all the cool features.
  3. My Bad, The MSI board specs I was mentioning belongs to a P4 chipset.
  4. Afrogeek, Gigabyte doesn't make an nForce or nForce2 board. I checked their website.

    There are no nForce2 boards that support RAID, as far as I can tell. Besides, if they did it would most likely be two channels anyway, just like the vast majority of motherboards on the market. They won't be able to connect the number of devices you have.

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  5. You can try <A HREF="" target="_new"> MSI K7N2G-ILSR </A>

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  6. You will need to purchase a RAID controller to meet the said goal.
  7. Doesnt the A7N8X Deluxe have a serial ATA Raid controller on board?

    The Gigabyte on has VIA chipsets for AMD, but has all the nice features of IDE AND S-ATA RAID.
  8. Quote:
    Doesnt the A7N8X Deluxe have a serial ATA Raid controller on board?

    Yes it does, but there is only 2 ports. He needs 4.
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