FS or Trade: X8 PCIE 16 Port SATA 2 Hardware Raid Card

Hello. I have an Areca ARC-1260 16 port sata II hardware raid card that was for a project that fell through. I've been using it in my personal machine for a short while but it's just overkill. It requires an X8 PCIE slot to function. It comes complete with everything that came with it (box, manual, driver disk, cables, 256mb memory). I have removed the speaker (beeper) but will send it with if you need it. I've seen it as low as $720 on ebay so I'll do one better and go with $575 shipped (US only sorry) and will entertain any reasonable offer. I'll also consider trading or a partial trade for a motherboard, memory, cpu or video card depending on what it is or a smaller (6 port or so) hardware raid card. PM me with any offers and I will take a photo if you like.


Intel IOP333 I/O processor
Write-through or write-back cache support
Support up to 16 SATA II drives
Multi-adapter support for large storage requirements
BIOS boot support for greater fault tolerance
BIOS PnP (plug and play) and BBS (BIOS boot specification) support
Intel RAID 6 Engine to support extreme performance RAID 6
NVRAM for RAID event & transaction log
Redundant flash image for adapter availability
Multiple RAID selection
Online Array roaming
Online RAID level/stripe size migration
Online RAID capacity expansion and RAID level migration simultaneously
Instant availability and background initialization
Automatic drive insertion/removal detection and rebuilding
Greater than 2TB per volume set
Support S.M.A.R.T, NCQ and OOB Staggered Spin-up capable drives
System status indication through HDD activity/fault connector, LCD Connector and alarm buzzer
SMTP support email notification
SNMP support for remote notification
I2C Enclosure management ready
Field-upgradeable firmware in flash ROM

Supported RAID Levels:

RAID level 0, 1, 10 (1E), 3, 5, 6 (if RAID 6 engine supported) and JBOD
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