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Okay I am considering pickup up either Left 4 Dead or Fallout 3 to start playing around with as COD4 is getting old and I absolutely hate COD5. I like my shooters and RPGs, so this is s tough call… but if I can (system wise) I might pick up both copies.

I have a few quick questions, big one can my system handle these games? It obviously meets both games minimum system requirements, but I believe Left 4 Dead will play more smoothly on it? I heard that Fallout 3s is picky and requires a good video card and system… is this true? My current system is below, please dont laugh as I am not a hard core gamer but I do like to game when I can…. several times a week. I was thinking of picking up another GB of ram as its only $25 bucks shipped. Do I really need the extra ram?

Lastly I have the million dollar question, to those of you that played either or even both… are they worth it? Should I pick up both or which one do you suggest? Thank you for taking your time to help me out!

WinXP Home SP3
DirectX 9.0c
Athlon 64 X2 4600+
Sapphire X1950XT 256MB
2 GB Crucial Ballistix PC2 6400
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  1. Both are worth it, but Left 4 dead in my opinion is worth your attention a lot more. Yes you can run them fine, however you might have to lower the settings a little on Fallout 3 at least (maybe L4D some, I honestly wouldn't be able to answer that one).
  2. If you are looking for longeivity ive heard L4D can get old pretty quickly. Depends if you pwnd teh intarwebz much on COD tbh - if so id get L4D.

    Otherwise, FO3 is a fine fine game, but ofc lacking the online side of things.
    You can run FO3 but you will most certainly have to reduce draw distance and such when you get outside, as emp says.
  3. Left 4 Dead is mainly for Co-op and it can get boring pretty fast if you play it buy yourself, but with friends this game it tons of fun espically when your playing with three other people.

    Fallout 3 is a very good rpg you will spend tons of hour playing it, and
    I believe there will be many mods for it later(like oblivan) though the main quest is an average amount of time it feels like they could have extened it
  4. fall out 3 is better

    left 4 dead is boring and annoying if you have crappy players on your team
  5. L4D will play on lower end hardware, minimum graphics card req = 128mb
    Fallout3 requires much more.
    I havent tried fallout3 yet but I am gonna have a look, at the moment its L4D, multiplayer only, vs mode is more fun and use the in game voip or your team will suck.
  6. My mates using some 8500GT tosh and 1gb RAM and somehow managing to play. Cant remember the proc but its a low end intel dual.

    Having said that one of the great things about FO3 is the atmosphere created by the landscapes and you would really miss out by running this on a 1960's calculator.
  7. I play with a 6800XT but have to lower my resolution down to 1024x768 which is fine by me (upgrading my PC now though). I run L4D Smooth ... REALLY smooth. I have Med graphics settings.

    I can also run Fallout 3 just fine at 1024x768 as well, not as smooth as L4D but its playable. Low settings.

    If I had to pick, L4D for sure. When the SDK gets released and more maps come out, this game will rock even more! I was never a big fan of Oblivion's add-ons before so I pick L4D.

    ~Death Dream~
  8. why dont you just download it, try em out, and then see which one you wanna buy?
    i ve tried fallout 3, its oblivion, with guns... poor fps engine tho
  9. Left 4 dead has no playable demo
  10. ^ it has
  11. ^ not no more, just check =)
  12. i'd suggest left 4 dead. i was struggling with the same thing and i chose this. its always fun, and very intense. there is really no boring moments.
  13. fallout 3 a lot more re playability even if it doesn't have mp. L4D seems kinda old fashioned type of game, the graphics aren't that great, no iron sights and the zombie ai is a bit dumb. Also how many times can u play the 4 hr campaign even if it has co-op?
  14. L4D is different every time thanks to the ai director, there are new maps to be released and when you are bored of co-op play you can play as the infected. Yes I am a fanboy. I love L4D
  15. ^ But it's a good game!
  16. Quote:
    Fwogiz, i hope you are not hinting at illegal activities.

    not like ima buy some game 70$ before even trying it... i dont see no problem with that
  17. Eh my vote is for Fallout 3. The demo of L4D was awesome, but made me realize it's going to get old fast with only 20 small sections. The co-op thing is awesome, but I think it would get old fast - L4D should've started out at like $30.

    Fallout 3 took me 42 hours to complete every side quest, main quest, and explore all but about 2-3 locations on the overall map. Soon enough I'll pick it back up and play through as an evil person, and every quest has the added benefit of being able to be completed in a few different ways.

    Then again I've just recently come to the realization that, while FPS games are fun, ones mixed with RPG elements or just action RPG's in general are SOOOO much more worth the money.
  18. It really comes down to the person though, I value multiplayer experiences above and beyond any SP game out there. I would've gladly paid $50 for TF2 knowing how good it is, but I am hard pressed to take the risk and buy an SP-only game for $50.

    If you're for some reason one of the people who is thinking about playing Left 4 Dead with bots, then don't even bother because the game is incredibly boring with bots only, but if you're going to do some heavy MP gaming, then by all means go for it.
  19. I'm not into MP games at all, I prefer SP. Only times I played MP was Halo 1 on Xbox over at friends' places.

    I'll cast my vote for Fallout 3 which is a great game. The mod community will turn it into an even better game.
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