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I need assistance Identifying a song from a game.

Last response: in Video Games
November 27, 2008 1:11:52 AM

I was looking through my computer for sound clips for the new Windows Live Messenger, and found a file called Maintheme.wav, the song sounds so familiar but I cannot place what game its from.....

I uploaded it to my site, it has a tendency to be slow sometimes(less than 100kB/s) so excuse me if its slow.
I downloaded the initial copy(wav 17mb in about 30-45secs)

In my defense I play so many its hard to remember.
November 27, 2008 10:35:38 AM

Sorry chap, familiar, but don't really know.
November 27, 2008 3:21:23 PM

There was one slightly similar theme in Unreal Tournament 2004.
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November 27, 2008 5:06:40 PM

It sounds a lot like an Unreal song sorta.. i've went through 20 on youtube but can't find this.. might reinstall ut2004 lol. (if it is indeed that)

edit, been looking for a while on youtube vids, but I haven't found this one (thought it does sound like a UT2004 map after listening to most of em lol)
November 28, 2008 12:52:29 AM

Ok, I'm an idiot.....I just did a quick google search which I should have done in the first place, but its Frontlines Fuel of War.

It was at the bottom of the first page.....I assume I downloaded it back when I was still actively playing the game.

I appreciate the help though, And Stemnin and Morton you were both close, it uses UE3.

Matthew Harwood was the sound director for the game, I think I grabbed it a while ago when he mentioned in the Kaos forums it was available to download
November 28, 2008 8:04:30 AM

This is a fun topic though. Anyone else have an "obscure" sountrack that we can take turns in guessing on?