Which gamepad should I get?

I currently:
- MS Sidewinder gamepad (non-USB)
- Logitech wireless gamepad for PS2
- 2 Xbox 360 wireless controllers for my Xbox.

I need a gamepad for my new PC. I use a mouse for first person shooters but would like a gamepad for racing games like Need for Speed.

I've seen the Xbox 360 wireless gamepad receiver for the PC; Logitech's Rumblepad 2 also stands out (mainly because I'm a fan of their PS2 controller.)

Xbox gamepad receiver:
Pros: Can use up to 4 controllers. no need to buy a new controller. My current gamepads have a rechargeable batt.
Cons: Not alot of native support for it right now in games...seems to be changing though.

Pros: native support in games (?); good experience with PS2 version.
Cons: not sure of the level of native support in games. No rechargeable batt.
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  1. OK, I put an expiration date of Dec. 25, 2008. I have no idea why the poll isn't enabled.

    Just post what you think in a reply. Thanks.
  2. I currently use a wired xbox 360 controller for my pc,

    best pc controller I ever had for all around use (xbox 360 wired controller = well worth the money )

    for flight simulators, I use my saitek joystick

    and for combat flight simulators like crimson skies, I use my logitech wingman cordless gamepad (looks linea like a PS2 controller, with a force feedback thats like 5 times as powerful and has a slider which is great for throttle
  3. +1 for the XBox 360 controller. Best controller I've ever used.

    I have a wired one, but if you can get the wireless ones to work, go for it.
  4. +1 XB360
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