Putting your consoles video output on your PC monitor.

I have been doing loads of research trying to figure out how to get my PS2 to hook up to my PC monitor. I would also like to have my 360 in my room next connected to the monitor as well. The problem is, most PS2 games(pretty much all of them) only support 480i. Most VGA boxes are absolute crap and some of the great ones cut off some the screen(Mega Cool 1080p VGA Box). Not only that, but most PC screens have an aspect ratio of 16:9 while TVs have a ratio of 16:10. I know the 360 has the VGA cable but what my PS2? My monitor is the Dell SP2008WFP, will it support 480i or a 16:9 ratio or should I just get a small 1080p LCD TV. What about any TV tuner cards, are there any with a HD composite input? I guess the major question is, is it even possible?

Thanks for any help in advance, Tylor
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  1. Anybody?
  2. Most TV screens have an aspect ratio of 16:9* where 16:10* is the "widescreen" aspect ratio standard for monitors. Since the New Xbox Experience, the Xbox 360 now has 16:10 aspect ratio support, so it should connect to your monitor with no problem if you have a VGA cable. They might make a VGA adapter for the PS2, but seeing as it will only support 480i it won't really work properly regardless. If you are really planning on using game consoles a lot, you're better off getting an actual TV, for the proper aspect ratio and input support. HD tuner cards may work, but there is generally a input delay that would make gaming impossible, as they're usually meant for video playback.
  3. 360 will support it with the VGA cable option - but forget the PS2
  4. Ok, so I think I will just get an LCD TV that can work as a monitor or a monitor with component input. Any suggestions?

    Oh, BTW, I just realized my user name is Tyor. It is supposed to be Tylor. Ugh...
  5. look at Dells, a few of them have component inputs(the yellow video lead you get with a PS2) my 21" has component, vga, dvi-d, svideo. i have my PC in the DVI, 360 VGA and PS2 Component, dvd player Svideo.
  6. Can you direct me to the monitor you own with a link to it on the website or just the name of it? What is the max resolution? Is it any good?
  7. u kno ive been thiunking about this you should look at something like this


    1080p 37", its a bit to big but a 32" would be fine looka t the XV series of toshiba TVs they are built for gaming.
  8. P.S

    im actually devestated by the price here of the 37, ive just bought a 32" for 499 lol, and now all the prices have dropped and the 37 is only 67quid more :(
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