which game to get after exams (12/12)

Hi folks!

Monday i start my 1st exam. my last is 12/12 december (after the release of gta4)

my last game i bought was farcry2. it ran great on my machine.

which game you advice me to get? fall out 3, left 4 dead, gta4, cod5...

i'm a fps gamer, but i like others too.

there are a few new releases out there, so tell me what your thinkings are!

oja, and it has to run on this:

p4 3.0ghz
2gb ddr2 533mhz
nvidia geforce 8600gt 256mb

let me hear some! thanks!
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  1. Heya,

    Well, Failcry2 was a horrible game, so I'm sorry you bought that. If you're looking for an FPS, get Left 4 Dead (though only if you can play online with others, it's not as good in single mode). If you want an RPG/FPS hybrid, Fallout3 is superb. If you want an FPS/HorrorSurvival then Dead Space is ridiculously good. I would avoid the CoD series as of late; they're not that great nor different from each other. If you want a WW2 style FPS, Brothers in Arms, Hell's Highway is simply awesome (which is a surprise coming from Ubisoft).

  2. yeah, thanks for posting.

    i've got cod4, but it's so boring. i liked the paintball mod!
    fc2 i played it out, but actually it wasn't a bad game, just to long and boring at the end. especially at the end, it seemed that the game turned out to be interesting, but it was THE END. online it also suck!

    yeah, i'm getting to old for that online gaming, my friends just quite, or got to old for joining me. :p i need something to keep me buzzy (beside the Spanish CD-ROM i want to try out)

    it's this: my GF has exams in januari, so she has to study all christmas holidays. and i have them now, because my university tried out a stupid new system!

    i need something that last long. (2 weeks :p)

    keep on going for comments! so no COD then.
  3. Left 4 Dead = golden game
  4. brother's in arms hell's highway was a pretty good single player game. the voice acting was really good, and had a good flow, but it felt like it was trying to be a call of duty game. if you want really good WWII, get one of the original brother's in arms games, earned in blood if you can, it was a lot more difficult, but in a fun way.
  5. i heard COD5 was not very good. fallout 3 however looks incredible (though i havent played it yet, im also waiting for exams to end before buying another game) Left 4 dead is amazin. cant go wrong with it if you like playing with a small group of freinds. im looking forward to GTA4. it looks nice.

    ultimatley i suggest L4D
  6. GTA4 is due out about then for the PC?
  7. gta4 is out this week :p
    but i hope i can run it on that 3.0 ghz single core. or else i have to move up my gpu to that E4300 1.8 ghz
  8. I'd say fallout 3 its a very good game and it can take a long time to finish it if you try to do all of the side quests
  9. I finished FarCry 2 about 3 weeks ago then started on Fallout 3. Far Cry 2 wasnt anywhere near as bad a game as people are saying it is. The game ran great on my machine, looks amazing and the gameplay was fun. The story was extremely weak and pointless and traveling could be annoying at times but the fact that with the PC version you can save anywhere made the game tolerable. (No way would I have been able to play it on a console)....

    Now on to the good stuff, I finished Fallout 3 yesterday and all I can say is WOW... Great game. Beginning to end the game really draws you in. It is somewhat of a hybrid game FPS/RPG but the combination worked great. If you liked oblivion the game will definitely feel familiar to you. In all it took me about 30 hours to finish the game, that was while doing all the side quests that I came across, but I think there is alot I missed along the way so will definitely be picking it up again.
  10. interesting!
    so what is your system like? because you mantioned (The game ran great on my machine, looks amazing and the gameplay was fun).

    i like fc2 as well, more than fc1.

    i've never played oblivion, but i guess fallout would be my vacationoccupation :p

    thanks for replies guys, more income?
  11. L4D
  12. Another vote for Fallout 3, especially if you want it to last you a while. Although I just finished Dead Space today, and it was one heck of an amazing game...maybe a tad too short, though.
  13. If you need two weeks i would choose Fallout 3 because if you do all of the mission and get all of the special armor and weapons it taker around 2 and a half weeks.
    Or if you have roomates that plays PC games i would get left 4 dead becuase that game is fun to play with other people, but not as entertaining by yourself
  14. hey, thanks far answering the day before my last exam!!

    I think i'm considering fallout3. but i don't really know i can play it!
    i never played oblivion or games like that before, is fallout3 cool? i mean, i play almost only fps games.

    thanks!! I let you know what i bought tomorrow!
  15. I used to play mostly FPS games, and even tried Oblivion once and hated the heck out of it. Later, with the announcement of Diablo 3, I started getting into the Action RPG stuff, namely Titan Quest. When I got used to that kind of gameplay, I went back and tried Oblivion again and really liked it - and I think Fallout 3 is easily a much better game. You can play it as a FPS if you choose to, but it doesn't feel quite right to me, personally. I think if you really enjoy action games and ***are willing to invest an hour or two before a game really picks up*** then you would like Fallout 3. Just know that the pacing is slow, and exploring places off the main quest path is really important to enjoying the game. I just remember getting it, and once I got sucked in I would look forward to the ends of classes and free time every day just so I could come back to my apartment and play it again, generally for 3-4 hours at a time without knowing where the time went.

    When I go back to FPS games now, I'll beat them in a short period of time and realize that the Action RPG genre provides SOOO much more value for the dollar.
  16. FO3 is great, and it will last you ages as well.
    Should run reasonably well, especially as you can run FC2

    Snarespectre nails it when he says you need to allow time to warm to the game - the intro is boring as hell.
  17. :D

    i'm actually sick of playing fps games. i always buy them, but within 8 hours maximum i played the game totally out. that wasn't with fc2, but that was a long boring game.

    i'm very exited to get the fo3 game! i think it would be a nice time spender! especially everyone is studying for January exams, and i just finished mine.

  18. LEFT 4 DEAD!!
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