GTA 4 on PC

On the eve of the release of GTA 4 on PC here is a special tribute to Grand Theft Auto for us PC gamers. It looks back at all the good times GTA has given PC gamers and shows us why our patience is rewarded.

GTA comes back home on December 2nd 2008 and I think the wait will be worth it. The video editor alone looks amazing.

I am in England so I have to wait an extra day to get it but if any of you guys over in America pick up over the next 24 hours please let me know what you think. And tell me if the monstrous system requirements are true :P.

Anyway enjoy your copy when you do get it, I know I will. ;)
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  1. Will be picking it up first thing Tuesday morning at the local best buy since its the only game I've really been looking forward to since COD4. Whether I have time to play much is a different story.
  2. It uses SecuRom, and I already own both the 360 and PS3 version of this game, so I won't be buying it.
  3. That was a pretty nice vid, had some good time with the old GTA games.
  4. I should really dig out GTA 1+2 again...

    I won't be installing because of SecuROM.
  5. Does the Steam version use securom as well?

    I'll be buying it - I had it on the PS3 but stopped playing as it wasn't as good as San-An on the PC (which I've replayed through again while I wait - such a good game). I do hope some of my concerns have been addressed, I'm expecting big improvements :D
  6. The SecuRom isn't as bad as the versions found on Far Cry 2 and Spore etc, crap gets installed that doesn't go away when you uninstall the game but you don't get the activations limit is gamers biggest gripe with SecuRom.

    I like all the GTA games on the PC, the original ones were really difficult but fun, the 3D ones may be dismissed by purists but Vice City is one of the best games ever made IMO, I still play today.
  7. Yep SecuROM on this game too. Yet another one for me to skip.
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