PC Brothers in Arms:Highway To Hell

I'm in "Baptism of Fire" Chapter- "Resistance Bunker".

In the 5th corridor in (where you start down the corridor where in
the middle, fire is dripping down from the ceiling-about 1/3 down
that corridor, there suddenly is a noise, the picture seems to snap into less
color (like sepia) and the game crashes.

I was playing it until that point at a high resolution, and have tried various resolutions - including lowering the resolution way down to about 700 x 600 but that doesn't make any difference.

There's obviously a bug in the game at this point.

Can't seem to find a patch (if one is out there)

Any suggestions ?


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  1. go to the official game forums and look there
  2. Thanks Nimble Knuckle,

    I'm not sure what you mean by "official" game forums. Could
    you provide a web site for example ?

  3. Thanks very much ! I've bookmarked it and will
    take a look shortly.

  4. Heya,

    I played past that point, no problem. Check for updates/driver updates/etc. It goes Sepia like that during specific times, like cut scenes and when having a flash back for a moment. Sounds like it's trying to load a cutscene flashback on you and something's wrong and it crashes.

  5. Thanks for that suggestion Malveau, I'll go looking.

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