Jesus I have seen this before and have fixed it, but of course I cannot remember. I get this when I am trying to install windows xp. Can someone remind me how to remedy this !

Thanks in advance, Guaranteed its something stupid !

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  1. any chance it's got something to do with RAID controller drivers?

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  2. A driver incompatibility issue. Remove/disable all non-essential hardware and try again

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  3. In my experience,(i am not an expert by any means-especially when it comes to software) this error message seems to be a very generic one that could be any number of things.Can you give your full spec (incl. psu etc.) and whether you are overclocking?

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  4. I ran into this problem as well, tried many things without any success. I installed Win 98, RedHat Linux on same system without any problems. Finally I slowed my FSB to 100 mhz (was 133) and Windows XP installed. Set it back to 133 after install completed.
  5. When I had this problem it was relating to a dodgy ram chip. So it could be an actual chip fault or the ram clock is turned too high for stable use.
  6. As mentioned this Irql_not_less_or_equal is a generic error - actually a default error exit (and I am an expert or at least totally certifiable, haha, hoho, heehee).

    Probably the best thing is to notice the second paragraph or group of information on the blue screen! (if it goes away and reboots too fast, change the error recovery options in control panel, system, advanced, startup and recovery options NOT to automaticly reboot).

    In the first line of the second group of info will be an address and a module name! Somethin like...
    at AE80EB00h in NV_AGP.sys (or)
    at xxxxxxxxh in somethin.ocx...
    There's always a "Module.Ext" name in every blue screen and that will point ya toward the related problem. Now it may be a hunt to find exactly "How' that module is related - but its a start - and that modname will relate to the problem - like NV_AGP.SYS is part of the Nvidia AGP driver
    Take the module name and Google it for related info!
    *** Overclocking produces some really wierd stuff and anything related the hardware abstraction layer will be unreliable - but at least points ya to the subsystem thats getting whacked - slow stuff down to stock for for debug, then go from there ***
    Debug is an art in itself - Good Luck - but always get the modname of the dump!
  7. Whoa Comp Sci.Thanks for sharing the knowledge. I too have seen a few blue screens with the afformentioned NV_AGP.SYS. It drives me crazy but now I know how to slow it down and get the info. Thanks for that.

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  8. I used to get that, fixed it by buying a Nforce2 and pulled out the KT266A gigabyte board I previously used.

    In fact, leaving VIA motherboards has fixed about every problem I used to blame incompetence on.

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  9. Try this <A HREF=";en-us;810093" target="_new">link</A>. I followed the instructions starting with step 2 under "Resolution" and I havent't seen DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL since.
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