Worth it for me to pick up GTA IV? AMD X2 6000 Geforce 8600

Just wondering if it is even worth it for me to pick up GTA IV..I have an AMD X2 6000..4GB Ram..Geforce 8600 GT
I don't want to get it if my draw distance is only 20%..I would wait till I can upgrade my card and then buy it..

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  1. The way it is now, no. A lot of people with quad core Intel chips and 9800 GT Nvidia cards aren't even able to play it maxed out. Rockstar is apparently working on a patch. Although a lot of problems with slightly lower end cards were driver related I think. Even if you get a high end graphics card, the game is very CPU intensive, so you'd probably have to scale back a lot of effects with an AMD chip handling it all. Nothing against AMD, I think their graphics cards are better for the money, but Intel simply crushes them in the CPU department; especially for gaming.
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