Suggestions for PC Gaming Chair?

Hey guys,

I can't think of where I should put this thread, but I figured this would have to be the most sensible forum section for it.

I am looking for a decently priced gaming chair for my PC (~$150-300) range. I am looking for one that is elevated, and not situated right on the ground like many I've seen. Of the ones I've seen, one of the most likely candidates is the Renegade

I really want one I can recline a bit in, or at least rock in when I'm thinking or getting really into a game. I am planning to have a desk for my PC, roughly 3 or so feet off the ground.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a PC Gaming chair? Thanks in advance!

edit: yes, I know it's ugly. Why do you think I am looking for something else? :)
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  1. don't be that guy... (loser that is :na:), get a normal desk chair... really your not going to spend all day on your computer... and if you do... a normal desk chair will remind you to get off your a** and do something else

    BTW link doesn't work
  2. To be honest, gaming chairs are few of the really gimmicky items sold that are not necessarily worth it. If you need a chair for your gaming needs my advice is to go to your local furniture stores and check them out, just like strangestranger said, put comfort on top of any gaming gimmicks.
  3. Well, one reason I am getting a gaming chair is because I really am not going to have much room for speakers on the size desk I want. I also went to my cousin's house a week ago, and tried out his lower end gaming chair, which he received for christmas, and the sounds on it were actually quite decent. Unfortunately it was lying on the ground instead of being elevated, which would make it less than adequate for a PC chair.

    Second reason I wanted one is because I don't have much room for friends when they visit my house. They usually have to just sit on the floor literally right in front of my 40" LCD, or else they would have to sit next to the bed and have an uncomfortable view of it. I could just use a regular chair for them, but I figured I could kill two birds with one stone and fix the speaker issue I'd have as well.

    Personally, I found the Renegade's look to be a bit of an eye sore, but there are almost no elevated gaming chairs out there. They are all lying on the ground. I need to be higher up for PC usage.

    If I can't find something that is reasonably priced, elevated, and doesn't hurt my eyes to look at (main reason I am wanting something besides the Renegade), then I'll probably just end up getting a decent regular chair, and maybe put the speakers on the ground or something. Perhaps I'll go with a longer desk, but I'm afraid it may completely block the walking path in my room.

    Anyways, thanks for your help guys.

  4. If the chair has a thick enough wooden back and you're feeling creative you might be able to mount the speakers using imagination (I almost got it done, then I got lazy and bought a headset since I needed mic anyway). The only advice I can give you is to place your comfort first, since you'll be using it a lot.
  5. Dont bother with speakers or a chair get some nice over ear headphones, WAY more immersive gaming sound than even high end PC speakers, Ive got the gigaworks 750 speakers, but only use them when watching movies over the projector. When gaming Over the ear head phones are far more effective.
  6. Hmm. Perhaps I'll give that a shot, dtq. It'd also keep me from bothering others late at night. Again, thanks for the suggestions guys :)
  7. Go to a scrappy and buy a car seat (mk2 golf [/rabbit?] gti!) and mod your own speakers in! decide how high you want it and screw it to some wood.

    Very comfy chair, unique, and twice the eyesore of that renegade! lol.
  8. mi1ez said:
    Go to a scrappy and buy a car seat (mk2 golf [/rabbit?] gti!) and mod your own speakers in! decide how high you want it and screw it to some wood.

    Very comfy chair, unique, and twice the eyesore of that renegade! lol.

    I took an "out of homologation" (past its use by date for competition use) bucket seat out of one of my old rally cars, built a wood frame for it and a wheel \ pedals, and use that for driving games, in front of my projector, great fun but takes up a huge chunk of living room space when I have it set up... dont see myself having it set up again till GT5 comes out... still its waiting in the cellar :D
  9. @dtq
    That sounds badass!
  10. Hmm. Not that great with tools. I think I may just go with some bad ass headphones .
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