Looking for Lan Party game suggestions.

In the past we've done UT 2004 and WC3 AoS style maps.

I'd like to change it up a bit, but I can't find anything that really grabs my attention.
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  1. COD4
    BF2 with Desert Conflict and POE mods.
  2. Left 4 Dead, TF2, CSS....?
  3. Red Alert, the original. Ruddy classic lol. The game that got me into huge LAN parties. One time me and 7 friends stayed up for over 40 hours playing it. Sad, but amazing.

    Day of Defeat: Source is a regular at my LAN Parties, as is Red Orchestra. Playing a 16vs16 clan game of RO with the 16 of your clan in your house is one of the greatest experiences ever.

    COD4 is an obvious one too, great game. CS:S is similar too and also very good at LAN parties.

    If you can get hold of a load of 360s and TVs then Halo 3 and Gears 2 make fantastic LAN games, especially Halo 3. Most fun i ever had at a LAN event was a recent Halo 3 one. 32 people, 32 TVs, 32 360s, 32 copies of Halo 3 and 1 house. Was one big mofo of a house lol.
  4. DOTA!!
  5. Get a Megadrive with Micro Machines, with the 2 extra ports.
    One thing we used to do at LANs was WoW Arena but that requires you to already play and have a max lvl character. Good times though.
  6. You could always get Civ 4 exp and play multiplayer in that. That's always a fun pasttime, if you have 10 or so hours to waste lol.

    And you only need 1 real cd if it's over lan!
  7. Left 4 Dead!!! Just started playing this last weekend and besides being an awesome LAN game it's cheap to play on a LAN. All you need is one copy (1 Steam account with the game) 2 PCs and a couple gamepads to play 4 player co-op. And obviously the more you add the better the game gets.

    I like the co-op because it allows me to play LAN with my son and his friend (ages 7 & 9) without having to worry about my overmatching them too much. It actually makes the game a little more fun to have a couple of weaker players and have to help them out rather than dominate them.
  8. COD4 is a GREAT LAN game. Its just more fun killing someone in the same room. It looks really good to. Online you get those game hackers but in a LAN you know who you are shooting.

    FarCry (the original) with the Map Pack and latest patch. WHY? because it will run on ANY computer with anything that resembles a dedicated video card. And it's still REALLY REALLY fun. FarCry2 would be cool to but not eveyone has it and you have to have a good PC to run it.

    C&C Generals or even the old Red Alerts. However they take FOREVER. We gave up on them because of the stalemates. We tried Supreme Commander but this could take DAYS along with Sins of a Solar Empire.

    World in Conflict is REALLY fun at a LAN. Its an RTS but doesn't take 5 hours to declare a winner. I this we last 30-45 minutes a round. Once the Nukes starts dropping its close to the end.

    Company of Hero's is also realy fun and doesn't last ages. Takes longer than WIC though most times. But its just a cool RTS game.

    A bunch of us still play BattleField 2142 but we play online together and rather than voice chat just yell across the table. We make a GOOD squad. But thats not really one to play at a lan when you want to play others in the room.
  9. play resident evil 5 for PC - it's better that these old games suggestions..
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