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I've finally installed and began to play crysis warhead. BUT it barley works :(, I'm using an OCed Q6600@3.6 and HD4870@790,1070 using catalyst and have 2GB of RAM. I have pretty bad stuttering, even on low the game stutters badly even though the FPS is 50-40 and goes down to 30 when the stutter occurs. I've tried turning down to DX9 (forgot to mention running vista ultimate 64) and the stutter remains.... at some point the game just crashes w/ an error saying something about atimkdag that stopped working (using catalyst 8.11). What can I do? Is this a Known isuue? I really want to play this game :(
Ziv :)
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  1. helloo? well, I installed ccc mod and now the stutter is OK, not gone but playable.
    but it still crashes 30 minutes or 1 hour after I begin to play......
  2. sounds like a driver issue...

    uninstall your graphics drivers

    download and run driver sweeper

    Reinstall your drivers.
  3. The stuttering and the crashed are most likely NOT related.

    If you motherboard has a second PCI-ex slot (even if it’s 8x not 16x) try plugging your video card into that and see if that solves the problem. Some else had this problem and he was able to cure it by changing the PCIex channel it was using.

    As for the crashing an educated guess would be your video card is mostly likely getting to hot so it’s tripping out before it gets damaged. Make sure you have plenty of cool air circulating around the case, if your fans are old and clogged up with dust replace them.

    Use speedfan Riva tuner to monitor your temps, if it starts to go above 100 then you have problems.
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