I'm looking for a game like Panzer General (Don't laugh)

Seriously, I remember playing that game for Playstation original, it was so awesome. If anyone doesn't know what it is, it is a realistic WW2 combat game, I think it was turn based. You had to build units and move them around and combat the nazis or whatever. Anyways, I saw it was out for PC (1997) So that is way too old of a game for me. SO if anyone knows a game LIKE Panzer General, or Advance Wars for GBA, which was slightly similar and lots of fun, please let me know! I don't like futuristic stuff, and I prefer good graphics/newer games. Please post a game if you know one like Panzer General!
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  1. Annisman said:
    it is a realistic WW2 combat game, I think it was turn based.

    "Excuse me, Herr Hitler, would you mind delaying your strategem until I've had my lunch and popped down to the shops?"

    Seriously, though, I'm afraid that turn-based games have largely fallen out of favour with developers. Real-time strategy is de rigeur these days. Company of Heroes is an excellent WW2 RTS - worth a look if you've not played it yet.

    On the turn-based front, the best I've found are Civilization IV and Galactic Civilizations II. Neither seem to be what you're looking for, though - they're epic strategy games rather than tactical combat.
  2. I would recommend the Front Mission games. Front Mission 3 for ps1 is one of my favs of all time. also there is 4 and 5 for the ps2 (only released in usa and jap though). Also there is other Front Mission games for the DS now. Its a turn based MechCommander style game by the makers of Final Fantasy
  3. A game similar to Panzer General would be Clash of Steel, or Strategic Command.

    Clash of Steel is a dos based game and can be found in abandonware
    Strategic command is a windows based game and can be found on battlefront.
    Both are turn based Corps level games
  4. It's not turn based but World of Tanks is great fun if you need a tank fix.
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