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Hello to all-hope I'm in the right place-need info on a USB game controller for my ten year old.She currently plays free online games(and a few on disk)by using the key board and the mouse.On the keyboard primarily the arrows.So now I've gone dizzy Googling game controlers,I'm confused as hell.I would like to get a game controller to replace her current method of play.The games she plays are available upon request(have to find them-no small task)wireless or wired,either one,and I know to use a USB port.I'm reading about compatibility issues,and am no longer fluent in "PC Teenager"My OS is Win XP SP3 Could someone tell me what controller to buy in the $25-$50 range-please,I'm so confused and Christmas is coming soon-thanks for the read
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  1. It's kind of hard to replace a keyboard with a controller... It depends which games she's playing.

    Most games today work with a controller, but by "game" I mean real, commercial games, not flash games or free games.

    If you want a controller to work with these, you'll have to use third party software to make the controller usable with any game. Arrows aren't a problem, but all the other keys are. Most games don't use the same keys, so you'll have to reconfigure the controller for each game...
    Also, it can't really replace the mouse.

    As for commercial games, 90% will work flawlessly. Well, games that can be played with a controller. Games like Need for Speed, Assassin's Creed, and most action/aventure and sport games will. RPG and RTS games wont.

    I myself play everygame I own with a controller, but I code my own interfaces to make the controller work with the game, and it takes me a few hours each time to make it work flawlessly.

    The best controller is the Xbox 360 controller, ergonomy and quality wise, and is also the controller that is the most compatible of all with commercial games. You can easily find a secial PC version of this controller, which is actually the same as the 360 version, but you get a CD with drivers.
  2. Thank you kenelm for the speedy reply.I guess I'm a little closer to understanding the controller dilemma.If I understand correctly the controller is just going to give arrow commands same as the keyboard right?And I believe that flash games are the type we are speaking of because I've installed Adobe flash and shockwave for these games to run.So I'm not really gaining any advantage over the keyboard and mouse combo by purchasing a pc game controller?Hard pressed for gift ideas this year with the economy being what it is.Thanks again for your time to help an old guy out-great day and God bless-Oh,what's the flag in the column by my post?
  3. The flag let's you know there's new posts on your thread. If you click the flag it'll take you to where you left off so you don't need to scroll through everything.
  4. Thanks KingLoftus-I was confused because the flag was there before I had gotten a reply-a little different than the forums I'm used to-the email notifier is saaweet-thanks for getting back to the FNG
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