Why Flat Panels are so expensive

Why why why???? I heard they are cheaper to make!!!! Why whywhywhy?????????
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  1. They say that the defect rate (meaning a few bad pixels) during manufacturing is very high, especially for larger screen sizes. Or do you think they could be just ripping us off because we're willing to pay those huge prices ;)
  2. Don't worry, when OELD or whatever that organic illuminating thing comes out you will have a monitor so cheap and convenient that you can roll and put it in your briefcase. No more projetors needed!

    This site is cool.
  3. Yup that is true, but the organic ones are only expected to last 1/2 the time of the current TFT's. Could be a pain if your monitor goes out every 5000 hours or so.
  4. really... i didn't know that. But technoolgy will take care of that.

    This site is cool.
  5. even if this is true that the life time of this OLEDs is about 5000h, if the price is low enough that would make them a very good choice. if you use it every day for 5 hours that still gives you about 3 years of use. a lot of people didn't have their 15inch monitors in use for 3 years before they bought a 17inch screen. so it would be a good buy.
    but these OLED displays are not with us yet and I don't see them coming into the shops in the next two years. so I hope for the price of TFT LCDs to come down because I think they are better for long time computer work than CRTs.

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