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Resident evil 5 / biohazard gameplay

Last response: in Video Games
December 5, 2008 10:44:15 PM
hey guys made a little video on resident evil 5 / biohazard 5 gameplay. its pretty sweet ass game
differences between this and previous resident evils:1)
menu is in real time, you press Y and a little box pops up with smaller boxes that contain items in it. this is done in real time no more pausing the game for you to select weapons/herbs
2) obviously you have a partner with you most of the game it seems like. you can tell her to move equipment/get items or ammo. when i played i jacked all the ammo and she was left using her knife like a noob lol
thats all i can think of at the moment... im gonna play it again here in a second to really get a feel for it. the demo is friggin HARD man... the big boss guy comes out and with 1 swipe pwns my face in half. and on top of that the monsters wont stop coming (thats what she said)

EDIT: another difference between this and resident evil 4 is this resident evil gives u hardly ANY ammo. the bosses on both demo levels are nearly invincible as well. i put atleast 100+ rounds and exploded 3 barrels and 2 nades before the chainsaw guy finally died. its definitely a creepy game. oh and the girl partner you get is totally awesome!

ANOTHER EDIT!!!: yea so i uploaded the video on youtube and it totally destroyed my colors. you can hardly see anything now. THANKS A LOT YOUTUBE!
December 5, 2008 10:57:39 PM

I downloaded the demo this morning. While I think the addition of two player split-screen co-op is great, they've tried to make the game too action oriented while also missing key features similar games like Gears of War have.