can i run warhammer online, and age of conan, and crysis

Im buying a new laptop i was going to get a desktop but i go to a technical high school and i am going to take computer programming so i need a laptop. but i am a big gamer so i want to make sure i can run the games here are the specs:

intel dual core 2.26 g/h
4 gigs of ddr2 ram
320 gig h/d
nvidia 9600m gs with 1gig of ddr3 dedicated to video memory
vista 64 bit
(and if i can run these games what quality level can i run them on and still have 20-30 fps)
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  1. Whats the res on the monitor, I'm going to guess mostly midway settings. I actually spec'd out laptops a couple months ago for my GF and let her know of a very decent deal on a laptop just like you described. (Literally the same except for it being a 32-bit OS.) She can run WoW at Max no problem but that's not saying much.
  2. Well of course u will be able to run the games, the question is will they be playable. i bought age of conan(sold my wow account...bad idea) and was quite dissapointed. i was running a evga 7950 gt Ko. one of the faster Dx9 cards and could hardly play the game on low. now maybe they've updated the game drivers and stuff and its less of a hassle on ur rig. But from my experience with the game i first of all wouldnt play it cause its not fun(but thats my opinion) second dont expect to get max res and high settings. I had friends who had sli 8800 ultras and couldnt get the game past medium.
    i dont know anything about warhammer, but from what ive seen it doesnt look like its as demanding on a system as AoC was.
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