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Hey i was wondering if anybody knows of a Nintendo 64 emulator which doesnt lag!
i currently use Project 64 and it works very well, however i am still exploring other emulators that work better.
Is Project64 the best?
If not, what is better?

thanks =)
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  1. if you use fireox have you checked out firenes?
  2. Project 64 is pretty much the best one 99% of the time just a few games that work better on different emu.
    Try there for alternate emu's.
  3. Thanks for the link, will try some others.
    The only game i will playing with the N64 EMU is Super Smash Brothers =)
  4. could I play Ocarina of time with this? or SM64? That would be sweet.
  5. To date, theres only a few games (that use custom unemulated microcodes) that PJ64 can't run. Granted, you may need to change plugins for individual games, but it runs most everything out there.

    I have a website that lists the best emulator/setup for every N64 game at home; i'll post the link later tonight. As of now though, PJ64 1.6 is by far the best option for N64 emulation.
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