How much is this rig worth?

hey all, i was just wondering how much would a computer like this would be worth?

ty in advance

gigabyte ma770 motherboard
gigabye ati hd4870 512mb graphics card
rosewill r230 atx case ($45)
amd phenom II x4 940 processor (black edition) overclocked to 3.4ghz
hec orion 585w power supply
4GB (2x2gb) g.skill DDR2 1066 (5-5-5 timing) ram
cd/dvd drive
western digital 160gb hard drive
windows 7 (64bit) installed

i'm looking to sell it because i no longer play games, so i just wanted an idea of how much it would be worth.
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  1. I'd give you $250 for it.
  2. ty for the offer but it was sold for $550 two days ago.

  3. worth maybe $450 ish
  4. If it was sold days ago, what the f are you doing asking what it's worth on here?
  5. because i asked 5 days ago, and i sold it 2 days ago? do the math? lol
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