graphic problems on ati2600 tried all and toughet u may help better

thats how my problem looks in all the games..
e4400 prosecor
powersuplly hec 650 watts
my motherboard is intel dg965ry
graphic card ati 2600pro 512 mb pcie x16
k.. ill tell the whole story now ..
i boughet this computer like half year ago maybe some more and got problems like u see in the picture in a lot of games so i went into the and i had terrbile power supllay so i boughe this hec that shud run the computer good .. that didnt work still got the problem.. k than i replaced the motherboard intel dg965ry in brand new dg965ry and replaced into new 2600pro 512 just the same still got thos problems.. some ppls said update the bios might help.. i tried that but nothing.. k now i dunno wat 2 do i got this problem for long time i dunno maybe its the ati catalyst settings or the bios settings but i dont know wat 2 set there or maybe the motherboard cant run with the graphic card but ppls saying it can easily so i opened it here 2 know wat do u think bout my problem i heard a lot of 2600 users got stupid problems but this one i cant sort.. so pls help :P btw sorry for my bad english
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  1. I would look at removing the current ATI drivers with driver cleaner pro and downloading and installing a recent version of the drivers and catalyst control centre.
  2. emm ill try that but i dont think its gonna help.. i formatted the comp few times .. but ill try doing that right now.
  3. what version of the drivers were you using? were you installing from the disk or downloading from the internet?

    If youve always installed the drivers from the disk then you are always installing the same version which can have problems just like that (I had exactly the same sort of graphical issues with a nvidia card which was cured with later driver revisions) If you are going to install a DIFFERENT version (sometimes its worth going back to older versions of drivers) its always worth properly removing all trace of the old drivers using driver cleaner pro.

    When it comes to ATI drivers version 8.7 worked with some issues for my 4870's 8.8 was an unmittigated disaster - barely able to run windows desktop for more than 20 minutes, 8.8 tamed it to about 40 minutes between crashes, 8.9 had it stable on the desktop 8.10 finally got rid of most of the issues it had with games...
  4. bro listen i used that driver cleaner pro and deleted em.. than i took the drivers from the disc installed em.. k.. tried it on games still got the problem so i updated 2 the lasted version from the ati website.. sill not helping.. maybe some hardware cant run good with the other one? cuz i dont realy know but my motherboard sounds wierd.. lol but it god pciex16.. im saying this cuz i tried so much drivers and stuff and formating and nothing helping :X so i dunno wat can make this problem.. all the temps are ok.. but the anoying thing is that i cant afford new card atm.
  5. any one?
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