Xbox 360 and Netflix, wireless connection!

I am using Netflix through my Xbox 360 and I have found that I never get a good connection, atleast not all 4 bars. I blame this on my current wireless set up as being to slow so I figured I would upgrade to N so I can stream the content better. I found this adapter on Newegg for the Xbox 360: [...] %20Adapter

Let me know what you think of this one and what should I use for the router?

I was thinking of these options for the router: [...] 6833124277 [...] 6833124276
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  1. I use Netflix on my laptop with a standard G router and the quality is the same as an ethernet connection. I think N might be overkill, but then again if it's the same price...

    Point being you may want to fully test your connectivity before jumping into a new router. Try connecting your XBox directly to you modem and see if what you get is any better.
  2. That is a good idea..problem is that my modem is in another room. But I guess that would test the connection for me.
  3. How fast of an internet connection do you have exactly?

    Most DSL craps out at a marketing maximum of 6mbps, and with normal network congestion and advertising being what it is you will find that 802.11b is usually good enough for most DSL connections.

    I've seen some cable plans that go up to 16mbps for a high premium cost, and at that point you want to start looking at 802.11g class hardware if you can actually get that kind of speed.

    Otherwise a good old B-wireless router should be more than enough. You're going to want that big 10+ mbps line for good netflix streaming so keep an eye out.
  4. I have a similar question. My XBox is wired to my router which is also handling 2 computers wirelessly. When watching Netflix movies the speed varies, sometimes 3 bars, sometimes 2 and occasionally (as right now) only 1 (even with the computers off or not doing anything). If I wire the XBox directly to the modem I can get all 4 bars so my connection is fast enough. Used to be I would just disconnect the router if it wasn't fast enough, but I just switched to cable internet and with the new modem I have to turn it off for several minutes before connecting to another device (to clear the mac address from memory or something), and that's just a hassle. So my question is this: My router is a Linksys WRT54G, is there another one out there that is faster/more reliable? Anyone know anything about the GameFuel routers?
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