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i'm looking for an illuminated keyboard that's responsive and durable/long lasting.

i was looking at the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard, razer lycosa, and g15

the only keyboard i need more info on is the logitech illuminated keyboard... does anyone know if it has anti-ghosting? it really doesnt seem like a good gaming keyboard but i could be wrong

i mostly play wow and cs if this helps.
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  1. Have a look at Saitek keyboards
  2. Saitek Eclipse keyboards.

    I have the Eclipse I where the letters themselves are illuminated. The problem is that the "painted" coating on the keys can rub off after use. The A,S,D,W keys a

    I believe Eclipse II has the spacing in between the keys illuminated. There's a knob that allows you to change the illumination color (3 colors).

    I'm pretty sure Eclipse III is being sold now, but I never seen it.
  3. I don't know about that logitech one, but i can strongly recommend the saitek eclipse II.
    and if eclipse III is out then it will probably be even better than II.
  4. yeah I have the Saitek Eclipse V2 and it rocks, its also quite beer proof as I spilt 2 cans of carlsburg over it the other night and it still works fine! Was gutted about my beer tho :(
  5. Logitech G11
  6. +1 for saitek eclipse II. I also have said version and am quite happy with it. I like the classic keyboard layout; therefore, the saitek II did exactly as I needed and that was to glow in the dark. I also like that you can choose from three different colors and adjust the brightness level. I cannot really comment on the durability as I've had mine for only a few months. It does, however, have a nice weighty feel to it and feels/looks nicely constructed.
  7. I like my Saitek Eclipse II
  8. I think it does not worth it. I had it for years (the Eclipse one - one of the brightest as it goes), and it is not that easy to read in the dark. It is only marginally better than good keyboard with light only from the monitor. And if you have even a little additional ambient light, normal keyboard is easier to read.
    On top of that, under normal light conditions, the normal keyboards are much better becasue the back-lighted keyboard has very poor contrast of the letters.
    IMO, the only use of this keyboards is if you HAVE to work in absolute darkness, like with telescopes. But for gaming, the standard keyboards are better. It is, of course, just my opinion, your millage may vary.
  9. I have g15 first version and I am happy with it
  10. Ive had the saitek eclipse 2 for a couple of years no problems with reliability, I passed it on to my 6 year old son when I got a G15, the saitek is standing up to little kids use well. The eclipse two is well lit from underneath the lighting shines through the letters making it VERY good in the dark

    The G15 looks cool, Ive only use the additional G keys on occaisions. The maing game I planned on using them for I stopped playing shortly after I got the keyboard, but I had it doint some awesome stuff before I qui. The LCD display can be usefull for the performance monitor although thats been mostly replaced by using a second screen to display more information...

    The G15 is a good keyboard, it has lots of "potential" but I just havent really got round to using that potential much yet, no fault of the keyboards there, but in reality the fact that I havent put the extra functions to much use suggests I could have spent my money better :D Still it isnt over till the fat lady sings, theres no saying I wont put the extras to great use at some point :D
  11. had both g15 keyboards the blue and now the orange one, been happy with both... its the one id recommend :) just the fact that you can disable the start key makes it worth it.
  12. go go saitek2 :)
  13. I have a Logitech G15 and it's great. Highly reccomended
  14. Logitec G15 has my vote. SirLCD
  15. To correct my last post (don't ask about it).

    I've got the Logitec G15 and I'm using SirReal's LCD plug-in. Definately worth it.
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