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So, i have a little problem with my GTA4 MP. Here's the thing.....everytime i try to join session i get kicked out(almost every time) it's like i join the server i get to lobby i see only myself(even though before joining it shows me that there are players in server) in and then after 5sec i get removed and it sais "you have been removed from session" or smth like that, OR if i get to server and it lets me play a little while(with others players^^) i get removed again(usually) and then it sais "Your router/NAT is too strict" or smth like that. Anybody know how to solve this kind of problem. Realy would like to play MP.
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  1. From what I hear, you should be glad that you've got single player running smoothly. There appear to be lots of problems with the PC version.

    Rockstar will be working on getting the patch for single player released before they worry about fixing the online service.

    The problem might be at your end though - if it's blaming your router, it might be related to the port forwarding on your router. You'll need to configure this manually - but you'll need to know which ports you need to fiddle with. Might be in the FAQ for the game.
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