A7N8X bleh, what about NF7-S

Again, again and again. When it comes to MOBO with nf2
people just say "get A7N8X". As for me, not a hardcore OC'er,
would Abit NF7-S be a good choice too? have anybody tried
this MOBO and want to talk about it?

Currently I got a Abit KG7-R(not a big fan of Abit, but
this is the only MOBO I own that I really know what it is.
I wonder what did they put in that Dell p3 800 or IBM Activa)
one small issue I got is about the noise. I got a Volcano 7+
fan speed at low, Enermax 350W PSU, and 3 case fans all set
at low speed in my Lian-Li PC6?, but something in the computer
is loud. my guess is 1)the 40GB Maxtor HDD, 2)the chipset cooler
on the MOBO.

so....I see the A7N8X got heatsinks on the chipset(that would
be quiet) but the NF7-S got a little chipset fan. Just wondering
how loud the chipset fan would be compare to other components
in my case?
Any input would be appreciated.

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  1. You wont hear the chipset fan over your other fans. They tend to be very quiet. If your a overclocker then take a look at the Epox 8RDA. It's a better overclocker than the NF7-S.

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  2. It is very quiet don't worry about that. I think it is a Vantec Iceberg chipset cooler (correct me if I'm wrong). <A HREF="http://www.vantecusa.com" target="_new">Link</A>
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