[HELP] FSX Problem And Help To Built A Gaming PC For FSX

HEy all

I Have A Bought Alot OF Hardware To Play FSX Smoothly But I Never See Anything... I Have Bought Processor, Video Card, Memory Ram, Power Supply To Make FSX A Smoothly Playable Game And I Have Research For Very Tweaks To Make It Happen

My Specs
AMD 64x2 3.2ghz
Evga 8800 Gt 512MB
500w PSU

In The Game I Get MAX 11 FPS In Little Town And In New York I Get No More That 2.5 FPS I Have All Setting A Medium High

Im Think To Built A PC To Have A Smoothly Playable FSX Can Ya Please Help To Pick A Good Motherboard And Processor and video card and RAM and please Explain How every work like........... How The Motherboard Affect The Game Or The RAM????????
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  1. Budget? You need a quadcore processor with fsx from what ive heard either a Q6600 upwards or new i7.
  2. Get a quad core..and not AMD..they're crap compared to the Intel cores.
    No need for an i7 cpu as they're slower in games than the Core series (so far).
    Loads of ram..4 gbs and a 64bit operating system.
    At least a GTX260/280 or Radeon 4870/4870X2.
    Haven't played mine since I upgrade my system but on a QX6700+8800GTX I was getting approx 25-40fps depending on scenery with max settings at 1920x1200.
  3. My Budget Is $400 ..............................
  4. Have a look at the GPU benchmarks for FSX:


    It's a demanding game, and it's worth seeing what you can expect from the different graphics cards
  5. airblazer said:

    At least a GTX260/280 or Radeon 4870/4870X2.

    Actually from looking at the benchmarks, it would appear the game favors Nvidia cards. I wouldn't bother with the 4870 if you're buying specifically for this game, as it's beaten even by a lowly 7800GTX in some benchmarks.
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