What have you been playing?

Inspired by Llama_man.

Top 5 by played time, past 6 months any format.

1 World of Warcraft
2 UT04
3 Stalker SoC
4 Forza 2 Xbox
5 Warcraft 3

Curios to see what older games make your top 5.
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  1. No should be 1)Internet forums but I suspect that doesnt count

    3)Frontier Elite 2 (amiga emu version - I prefer it over dosbox pc version)
    5)Colin Mcrae Dirt
  2. Oooh, I've inspired a whole thread. W00t.
  3. 1. X3:TC
    2. Assassin's Creed
    3. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009
    4. Football Manager 2009
    5. Caesar 3 (again)
  4. Quote:
    It's the only time your going to feel important.

    Any reason for drawing attention to your errors with italics?
  5. I've played the following games over the last few months:
    Unreal Tournament 2004 (Buy this and play freeze tag, most addictive thing I've played in long time)
    Civ 4 + Beyond the Sword
    Spore (over hyped, played for 2 weeks, haven't played it since, defo aimed at teen market)
    Unreal Tournament 3
    Eve Online (must have for all hard core gamers)
    Mass Effect
    Sins of the Solar Empire (great to play, but takes too long)
  6. llama_man said:
    1. X3:TC
    2. Assassin's Creed
    3. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009
    4. Football Manager 2009
    5. Caesar 3 (again)

    hehe, I was playing a bit of Caesar 3 also. That game is STILL addictive.

    1. HL2: ep2
    2. HL2: ep1
    3. HL2
    4. SupComm
    5. Crysis

    Nothing hugely old right now.
    More exhaustive list:
    PC - older, within the last year
    1. Caesar 3
    2. Sacrifice
    3. Oblivion
    4. X3
    5. FEAR

    XBOX & 360
    1. Katamari
    2. Blue Dragon
    3. Metal Slug (3?)
    4. Forza 2

    1. FF1
    2. Castlevania (aria of sorrow? never can remember)
    3. Phoenix Wright
    4. Rune Factory (couldn't get into this)
    5. Contra 4
  7. cool thread, I'll join with my list..
    sorted by playtime, it'll be something like this:

    1) halo 3
    2) GTAIV
    3) doom2
    4) Crysis
    5) quake3 (ra3 pub)
  8. BF2
    BF2-Project Reality
    Ages of Empires 3
  9. Call of Duty 4
    NFS most wanted
    Guitar hero 3 PS3
    Fighnight rnd 3 PS3
    Pro Evo 2006 xbox360
  10. HL2 (+ep1+2)
    HL deathmatch

    Probably about in that order over the last 3ish months.

    Any word on HL2ep3?
  11. "Valve marketing director Doug Lombardi had stated that news on or an announcement of Episode Three may be revealed near the end of 2008"

    From Wiki, start of the year. Watch this space i guess.

    What a tough act to follow on eh, ep3 needs to be one of the finest games ever created. How do you even start to develop that?!
  12. 1. World of Warcraft
    2. Dawn of War
    3. Crysis Warhead
    4. Crysis
    5. Medieval 2: Total War
  13. If Left 4 Dead is anything to by, they've definitely still got it!
  14. Sorted on playing time for the last couple of months

    1. STALKER SoC
    2. Crysis
    3. Assassin's Creed
    4. Fallout 3
    5. Portal

    Finished all of them, except STALKER SoC,which is an ongoing project but now it is loosing out against Fallout 3, while I could finish Assassin's Creed and Crysis playing STALKER on the side.

    List for the coming months, sorted in anticipation

    1. (Finishing) Fallout 3
    2. (Finishing) STALKER SoC
    4. Mass Effect
    5. Crysis: WH
    6. HL ep1+ep2

    Yeah yeah I know, have some catching up to do as my previous rig really was not capable of playing STALKER, Crysis, and AC in an acceptable way.
  15. 1. Farcry 2
    2. Crysis
    3. Rainbow six Vegas 2
    4. Age of empires 3 (not in a couple of weeks though)
  16. 1. Navy Field
    - just too addictive and reminds of the good old "Mech Commander"
    2. Neverwinter Nights
    - vintage D&D with great custom-content and DM client features
    3. Forums & websites
    - news, tomshardware, fomportal etc.
    4. Youtube
    - why pay for computer upgrade when you can sometimes watch other people walk through newest games
    5. :ouch:
    - once in a year or maybe more (hopefully less) a spyware or a virus drops by with some evil plan
  17. 1. Battlefield 2142
    2. fallout 3
    3. GRID racer
    4. Madden 07 (never purchased 08)
    5. GTA 4
  18. Currently playing. (All PC)
    1)Left 4 Dead
    2)Team Fortress
    3)Fallout 3
    4)Red Alert 3
    5)Dead Space (Just Finished)

    Games I never stop playing though
    1)Skate (360)
    2)Fight Night Rnd 3 (360)
  19. 1. Neverwinter Nights 2 (I swear I'm going to finish it this time)
    2. Dead Space
    3. Oblivion
    4. Crysis: Warhead
    5. Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
  20. 1) Fallout 3
    2) GTA IV
    3) Need for speed: undercover
    4) Tomb Raider underworld
    5) Guitar Hero 3
  21. 1 Fallout 3
    2 Starcraft (Junkie)
    3 Crysis
    4 COD4
    5 WoW
  22. I forgot to add one to the coming months lists: The Witched Enhanced Edition.

    Only today I fixed a problem that I had with my steam installed copy of the game. For some reason a Language entry was missing in the registry. Adding it with a trial and error value gave me the desired result (now I can actually see the texts in the menu and in-game).
  23. OK, right now I play:

    -- much harder and more serious game than WOW, can play your character anywhere there is a computer and internet. Much cheaper than WOW if you decide to pay (you can even play it completely free if you want). Therefore I switched to Runescape. Been playing it #1 for almost 3 years now. Highly recommended.

    2) Civilization 2
    --- old classic still rocks, different every time. Play this one forever like chess.

    3) Far Cry, Far Cry 2 shoot, I love this game

    4) Crysis I feel super -- great storyline and game play

    5) Spore I like evolution, it's fun to do!
  24. Lol Runescape. Its a terrible game for young children and you deserved to be thrashed publically.
    @Bigmac - Good game once you get past the weird controls and the boring as hell start. Also, when you take potions and small red diamonds appear on your display dont panic like me when i thought my GPU was overheating :D

    No one has mentioned any flash games yet :o
  25. pr2thej said:

    No one has mentioned any flash games yet :o

    Last Stand! That's my default "I only have time to play for about 20 minutes" game.
  26. L4D
    GTA IV
    Fallout 3
  27. 1) WoW
    2) Warcraft 3 (mostly dota!)
    3) Star wars lego (on the wii!)
    4) Civ 4 (miss that game :( )
    5) POKEMON EMERALD! Yes on computer
  28. I always like these threads. Lets see, the last five games I have been playing...

    1.) Disciples II
    2.) Counter-Strike: Source
    3.) Neverwinter Nights
    4.) The Witcher
    5.) Fallout 3

    The Witcher and Fallout 3 I have put on hold until I get all my parts for my new rig. I only have my laptop with me right now, so playing those games on it does not give the best performance. I played the demo of Disciples 2 every once and a while, but never got a copy until recently. I enjoy TBS. For CS: Source, it's been a long while since I played FPS multiplayer, and since I conveniently have it and the source engine works well on my laptop, I picked it up again. And I always played NWN since it came out, and have not stopped yet.
  29. Just built new comp last week so there are still some 360 games Ill list.

    Unreal 3 - (for 360)
    Warhammer Online
    Call of Duty: World at War (for 360 it sucks - no idea why I kept playing it)
  30. This list is not in order, this are the games I've been playing and some i just finished.

    GTA IV
    Brothers in arms Hells Highway
    Call of Duty 4
    Call of duty 5
    Crysis Warhead
    Silent Hill HomeComing
    Company of Heroes
    World in Conflict
    Devil May Cry 4
    Assassins Creed
    FIFA 09
    Unreal Tournament 3
    Gears of War

    And the Classics for me, you can Always have lots of fun with this games:

    Counter Strike Source
    Day of Defeat Source

    All this Games @ Very High Settings with Antialiasing,
    Except Crysis @ med-high

    My Specs:

    Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.8ghz processor
    Nvidia 8800 GT 512mb video card
    4gb of memory ram
    WD 320gb hard drive and 1tb backup hard drive
    ASUS P5QC Motherboard
    Sound Blaster X-FI XtremeGamer Sound Card
    Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit
  31. cyberman86 said:

    Unreal Tournament 4

    You are super pro, Mr future man!
  32. my bad, i meant Unreal Tournament 3 :wahoo:
  33. UT
    Counter Strike Source
    Tomb Raider Underworld.... er i dont have a fifth.
  34. 1) GTA IV
    2) Fifa 2009
    3) NFS Carbon
    4) Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory

    Waiting for Left 4 Dead
  35. 1. Lineage 2
    2. Left 4 Dead
    3. Dead Space
    4. CoD4
    5. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1sp/2mp (still working on beating the single player before moving onto 2.
  36. 1. GTA4 PC
    2. Oblivion PC
    3. Fallout 3 PC
    4. Crysis PC
    5. Grid PC
  37. Max Payne
    Max Payne 2
    Quake 4
    COD 4
    COD WaW
    Dead Space
    Stalker SOC
    Stlaker CS

    Been trying to get Rogue spear to run on vista 64 but no luck. I can get it installed but when it loads up it crashes. I might have to try a virtual solution.
  38. dtq said:
    No should be 1)Internet forums but I suspect that doesnt count

    3)Frontier Elite 2 (amiga emu version - I prefer it over dosbox pc version)
    5)Colin Mcrae Dirt

    I was a huge Elite fan back in the day (Amiga 1200) but I could never get on with Frontier Elite 2, it's a shame really it was a great looking game and you could land on planets and stuff and it was more deep in terms of gameplay then Elite.

    In 2008 I played the following games.

    1) Call of Duty 4 Multilayer
    2) Supreme Commander
    3) Oblivion
    4) Thief 2
    5) Wing Commander 3 & 4 (DVD version, if you do want to play this game I have it on DVD it's well worth paying the extra premium)
    6) Thief 3 Deadly Shadows
    7) Knights of The Old Republic
    8) Psychonauts (highly recommended)
    9) HL2 Episode 2
    10) Audiosurf
    11) Mass Effect
    12) Medieval 2 Total War
    13) Company of Heroes

    2008 is the first year I didn't go back to playing GTA Vice City which I think is the best game ever made. I didn't buy that many new games, I'm getting older I kept wanting to play games that I previously enjoyed (Thief, Wing Commander and KOTOR). Saying that I have to confess I'm a bit high in CoD4 Multiplayer it's highly addictive (if frustrating at time but I always go back to it), I am starting to get board of it now.

    Audiosurf is well work the $10 on steam and so is Psychonauts. I didn't enjoy Mass Effect at all, it runs sluggish on my setup (C2D E6400 @3.04Ghz, 2Gb DDR2 800Mhz, 8800GT) and I just couldn't get into the storyline nor the characters the whole game just felt cold and the combat wasn't fun at all.
  39. 1) CoD4 Multiplayer
    2) Far Cry 2
    3) Mercs 2
    4) Crysis (now that I got a 4850 and can actually enjoy it!)
    5) GTA IV (#5 because it runs terrible on my rig)

    Honorable mention:

    -Mortal Kombat 1&2 on MAME
    -R.B.I. Baseball on NES emulator
    -Contra on NES emulator - 20 years later and I still thoroughly enjoy this game!
  40. 1) COD: WAW Multi
    2) L4D
    3) COD4 Multi
    4) R6 Vegas 2 Multi
    5) BF2 & BF2142

    I plan to pick up Crysis Warhead and see if its worth trying to play. I have Crysis, but it never ran more than 15fps so I de-installed it. Ive gotten new parts since then, so I figure I will give it another try.
  41. In chronological order of most recently played.
    2)Madden 08
    4)Civ4 BTS
  42. 1) CoD: WaW
    2) Stalker: SoC
    3) Race Driver: Grid
    4) Stalker: CS
    5) don't have a fifth
  43. 1.) CoD 4
    2.) Crysis
    3.) HL2
    4.) Football Manager 2009
    5.) Democracy
  44. 6.) Jumpers for Goalposts (Online Flash game, ridiculously addictive. Hours lost at uni with this game)
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