GTA IV or Fallout 3

Theres too many games that came out recently and i hav to decide between fallout 3 and gta 4 which one should i get. I mainly enjoy playing FPS and i don't really need gta 4 mp since i am playing CoD4 and CoD5 mp.
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  1. FO3 judging by all the problems with GTA4 launch. I plan to leave it a month or two before picking up GTA4.
    FO3 is a fine game in its own right.
  2. Fallout 3 is you are in to dialogue and interacting with characters and doing a lot of exploring. It also has really nice graphics. GTA IV if you have a system that can run the game without lag. This GTA is similar to other GTA titles with slight changes in game play.
  3. i don't think any system can max out gta 4 right now and recently the hi-res texture pack was released for fallout 3 so i think fallout 3 wins by graphics. But which game has better gameplay?
  4. thats like saying whats faster, a Ferarri or a Lambo. Theres 1-2mph in it so who cares :D
    Pick what you enjoy more, surely you have played a GTA before, and FO3 is Oblivion with guns.
  5. i've never played gta or fallout b4.
  6. Hehe, i strongly suggest you get GTA then as you are missing out on an amazing franchise. Even if you decide to skip GTA4 due to the launch problems and go for 2004's San Andreas, you will not be disappointed.
  7. Its hard to pick between the two games especially if you have never played either franchise. If I had to choose one, I would go for fallout 3. GTA 4 is a fun game, but I was more impressed with fallout 3's interactive system and being able to "choose your own path." I never played Oblivion before I played fallout 3 so I had no idea what to expect, but it is an unforgettable game nonetheless.
  8. My primary gaming interests are: FPS, RPG, and secondary adventures and simulations.

    Having played some GTA before, and having only recently entered the fallout universe with Fallout 3, my preference is definitely Fallout 3. It may be as simple as the fact that the post apocalyptic theme has a bigger attraction to me than the crime/mafia theme in GTA.

    Provided your hardware allows you to have a smooth gaming experience with acceptable graphics settings, you cannot go wrong on your choice because both are splendid games in their own right. It's up to your personal preference what will appeal to you the most. I will probably play some GTA4 at a later time, for now I'm fully occupied by Fallout 3 (and I have Mass Effect, STALKER clear sky, and Crysis: Warhead already in the queue on my gaming shelf).
  9. Big Mac, you're in for a treat with Mass Effect. Fallout 3 is amazing in my opinion, but Mass Effect may even be better... really tough to choose.
  10. I would recommend Fallout. Its an awesome game. I wans't to impressed with GTA. I think its the same than GTA 3, just with better graphics and some more features, but nothing new otherwise
  11. FO3 > Mass Effect in my opinion.
    The main factor is that i was led to believe by the marketing that ME was more of an open-ended experience with a lot of replay value which wasnt the case.

    Nevertheless playing through without those expectations should give you a good experience.
  12. Heya,

    Fallout 3 is a fantastic game. You can play it a few times too, as it has different ways of accomplishing things and you can be a different character. The first time I played, I tried to save everything and everyone. It was fun. But I had even more delicious fun by playing through again with some specific handicaps and requirements to make it harder, and for me, more fun. For example, I went with melee and small guns the second time through, with high levels of sneak, and less worry about dialog and tech and all that. A sneaky bruiser. I had a lot of fun trying to get my karma as low as possible. The titles and images in your pip to display your horrible karma is hilarious and really fun. I mean, the first moment of the game, instead of saving the bully's mom, I took her down with a baseball bat, killed the radroaches, and then went out and killed the bully and took his clothes and pocket knife. It was so damn satisfying.

    GTA4 is probably a great game. But it depends what you want to do. All the GTA's play the same. I still think GTA1 was better than the rest, just because I had so much more fun with that top view and driving around. Unfortunately there's a lot of problems with GTA4 on the PC. It's a really bad port apparently and while the game is great, it just doesn't work properly and is gimped. So due to that alone, I would recommend against buying it for PC.

    Mass Effect was an awesome, awesome game. If you want something new, that game is it. Great story, great graphics, great game play. You could play it several times (lots of methods to accomplish things), but ultimately the story wouldn't be different.

    Note that in Fallout (all of them), the ending is different based on what you do. So each time you play, so long as you did different things, the ending/conclusion to the story changed.

    If you want an FPS, check out Left4Dead so long as you're willing to play with real people online; single player will leave you somewhat wanting. Even TeamFortress2 is a fantastic game for this (and still looks great).

    If you want an RPG, Fallout3 is really great for it (while combining a lot of elements of FPS/3rd person).

    If you want a survival horror game, DeadSpace is a treat, a real gem. Especially if you have a great audio setup (this game has the best audio experience a game can offer, ever). It's a 3rd person stomp out in space. Really fun, can be really hard at times, and is beautiful. Again, great audio. Play in the dark, it's the only way, and turn up the volume!

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