Motherboard for a P4 2.4, plz help :)

Hi first of all i just wanna say that am pretty much a n00b in computers :) i knows stuff thats involvs Gameing and 3D animation. thats what i use my comp 4...

this is the thing, i recently bough a new computer:

Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz Boxed PC533


Abit SR7-8X Moderkort S478/533mhz DDR SIS648, ATA133, ATX, Ljud,USB2.0, 8x AGP

Sapphire Radeon 9700 Atlantis PRO 128MB.

somehow my Motherboard and my ATI card dosen't work well togther (dosen't work at all acually :) a guy who knows alot about comps have tryed everyting but he dosen't seem to get it too work.
so now am going to get a new Motherboard instead.
could u guys gimme some tip of a good preformence and stabil Motherboard card 4 the rest of the stuff i got (as i whitten b4)?
not over $200 plz.


so for a long post and bad english :)
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  1. That's what you get when you spend your money first without asking questions. That board has been know to have problems with AGP8x.

    OK, the fastest boards for DDR and the P4 are 655 chipset board. These can operate with the memory in Single or Dual channel. Dual Channel mode requires two (preferably matched) DIMMs. So it will work with one (about as fast as any other single channel board), but be faster with two.

    The fastest SiS 655 chipset board is the MSI 655 Max-FISR. It cost around $180 (check Pricwatch). The most full featured is the Gigabyte GA-SINXP1394 at around $230. The cheapest is the Gigabyte GA-8SQ800, at around $120. The performance difference between these boards is less than 2%.

    If you want something a bit older and very reliable, I suggest the Asus P4S533. It cost around $100. It doesn't support AGP8x, but then again, AGP8x doesn't offer any performance improvements over AGP4x with current cards (including the 9700 Pro).

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  2. Only thing about the MSI is its crappy arangement IMO. WHo decided to put the power connectors underneath the CPU housing. Looks like a pain in the rear to get to it. Basically you gotta unhook it anytime you need to ge tto your PROC. Plus worry about it touching the heatsink and fan.
  3. ok sounds good i guess even thouh i don't know what GbLAN, SATA or IEEE1394 is, but am sure it good stuff :)
    should i really get a Motherboard whit 8X AGP, iv herad that ATI9700 can't work that well whit 8X AGP.
    atleast not the model i got, they have done a new wich can handle 8X AGP.

    anyway thanx 4 the replies :)

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  4. Yes, that does seem a bit of a pain. I don't like the fact that although their SATA controller offers an IDE connection, it's only one connection. But getting past the minor quibbles, it seems like a great performer and a solid board.

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  5. The problem with your card at AGP8x on your Abit motherboard involves your particular chipset, the 648. You can bypass the 648 chipset and go with the 655 chipset instead.

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  6. The Asus p4g8x is god, since you dont need all the extra crap just get the base model not the deluxe, its about $200 on pricewatch and is the best motherboard you can buy period.

  7. well i would like to have a sound card and network card on the Motherboard the rest i relly don't know whant it is, anyting u guys think is importent?
  8. if you want onboard sound the deluxe version can come with 6 channel sound as an option, you can also get the GLan onboard, both are very nice features to have, the firewire is nice for external hard drive storage get it if you ever wanna have fast external storage...the price keeps going up as you add features...serial ATA is the new hard drive specification that allows 150MBps theoretical speed, they cant do it yet but they will be able to and the onboard (promise?) controller chip will handle it when it does....not to mention the 8x AGP and the dual channel memory bus, Raid is well not something you need unless your a speed freak and want raid level 0, like omg, but anyway thats the scoop, now you are armed to the teeth charge!


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  9. ya.. had a prob with my sr7-8x mobo. Wish i woulda checked the forums before buying. After about 10-20 mins of use, My r9500 pro was causing xp to post hardware error due to video card and request a reboot. gonna replace it with a Gigabyte GA-8SQ800. hope it works. im getting mad
  10. Hi i wrote too Asus and asked them if the P4G8X Motherboard worked good whit ATI 9700, this what they replyed:

    "Thanks for choosing ASUSTeK.
    As far as we know, you'd better not use ATI9700 on our P4G8X
    Sorry for your any inconvenience and if there still any problem, please
    feel free inform us."

    .... is there an Motherboard that work nicely whit ATI9700? :D
  11. Wow, props to Asus for telling the truth! I can't recall a time when I asked a vendor/manufacturer about something and they told it to me straight, especially when it knocked their own product and could affect a sale.

    I've been using Asus exclusively for years, now I guess I know why :)
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