WoW the definitive thread! WoW hardware plz contribute!

I build systems mostly for traders and gamers - WoW does not get too much testing these days can you guys give me some updates?

I can say customers playing on my 1-1.5 year systems are multiboxing 5 chars with a 3.6ghz q6600 and an 8800gtx. They get 50+fps when playing on 1080p res - i do have some questions?

3970X2 - any wow on one? what res? how many fps?

8800gt 512 G92 vs 8800GTS 640 - which is better and why?

SLI - anyone gaming on sli with 9600GT or any other mid or low level cards?

anyone go from dual to quad did it help with the same video card?

I have many wow customers and i just want to get some updated info - anyone who contribute much appreciated and i be to help you if you need tech suppor!

ps: all must customers run raid or dual drive raid -- a 3rd drive and 7.2k raid or raptor raid.

anyone run it one drive vs raptor vs raid? any difference?

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  1. well WoW doesn't require that much, I use a 4870-512MB at 1680x1050 and all details/shadows on and runs fine, run on a single drive system, no raid, 4gig ram, E8500 cpu no waittimes, runs smoothly and well WoW is easy to run, this system crunshes any modern game in nice resolution/quality settings and anything above 60fps on a lcd is wasted (use vsync) they can't show anymore anyways and you don't see any stuttering, whats important is not the max fps, it's the min fps/average fps
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