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Hi Guru's..Please help me solving mouse problem..I installed AOE 3 on my new build..installation was smooth... after i started the the game the mouse appears and i can select the game options..after game soon as play begins the MOUSE DISAPPERS....uninstalled AOE-3.. re-installed no luck...I did google search not much help...I did check mouse settings again n again.. everything set as suggested by microsoft...please help me solving this issue.

fyi...I tried in different resolutions..window graphic card drivers..
My spec:
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
Grapic: Sapphire hd 4830
Operating Systems: Windows XP SP 3
Monitor: 22" Acer
Mem: 4gb

Thanks for your hep...

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  1. what mouse are you using? USB? PS/2? are there any drivers installed or needed to be installed?
  2. Microsoft wires mouse(Laser Desktop 3000)..USB port...Did not install any drivers since itz working fine with all my appears if I move mouse cursor(invisible) from gaming window to desktop..the mouse is not invisible in gaming window..

    Thanks for the reply.
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