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If U Had To pick Crysis Or Cod4 wat would it be? :bounce: but with my help you'll see!

by Steven Wong on Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We pit sci-fi against the War on Terror with Crysis verses Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. In one corner, we have U.S. Special Forces dressed in high-tech nanosuits fighting aliens and North Koreans in the future. In the other, we have multinational soldiers using the most sophisticated weapons available to fight Middle Eastern and Russian terrorist forces. Which will prevail, the future or the present?

Although both games feature stunning graphics, Crysis takes things to the extreme with near photo-realistic environments. Although PC gamers need powerful computers to run the game, they enjoy water glistening with sunlight, lush jungle foliage and car windshields covered in dirt and grime.

Winner: Crysis


The alien invasion in Crysis makes for just as gripping a story as the intense battlefields of Call of Duty 4.
Call of Duty 4 takes players around the world from the Middle East to Russia using three different perspectives to chase down an ultranationalist named Imran Zakhaev and his lieutenants before they can launch nuclear missiles. Crysis starts slower, as players take the role of Nomad, a U.S. Special Forces soldier sent to a remote island to investigate strange energy readings but encounters North Korean forces that trigger an alien invasion. Both build up to high-action sequences, but Call of Duty 4 springs them in rapid fire succession while Crysis generally lets players move at their own pace.

Winner: Tie

Physics and Interaction
Both games feature exploding cars and flying bodies, but Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare lets players shoot through weak materials like wood and thin metal. Fences and tin rooftops are generally bulletproof in Crysis, but most objects break apart with enough firepower. Jungle leaves individually sway and break apart when bullets pass through them. Crysis also lets players shoot drivers through the windshield of their cars or blow out their tires so they spin out of control.

Winner: Crysis

Artificial Intelligence

You can expect to have a harder time taking down the computer-controlled enemies in Call of Duty 4 than you would in Crysis.
The enemies in Crysis have keen senses, always listening for suspicious sounds while constantly on the lookout for intruders. Once it detects the player, enemies sound the alarm, call in reinforcements and make every effort to outmaneuver their opponent. However, they occasionally swallow some stupid pills and shoot endlessly at walls. Call of Duty 4 enemies will also call in reinforcements, but the game also features intelligent computer controlled teammates that fight competently without getting in the way. Although Crysis technically has more impressive AI, Modern Warfare has more consistent behavior.

Winner: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Weapons and Gadgets
They say the clothes make the man, and Nomad's nanosuit looks amazing. With the ability to turn on super strength, super speed, increase armor or turn invisible with stealth mode, the high-tech suit is quite desirable. Call of Duty 4 has night vision goggles that don't drain battery life, the latest anti-armor rocket launchers and a chance to man the turrets of a flying gunship, but today's technology can't compete with weapons from the future like alien freeze rays and handheld nuclear warhead launchers.

Winner: Crysis

Single-Player Campaign
Call of Duty also scores big points for its visceral qualities and non-stop action, but only Crysis has gigantic alien boss monsters and zero-gravity environments. Even though Call of Duty's missions branch out to different outcomes depending on what the player accomplishes, each scenario still follows a linear path and enemies always pop out from the same locations and use the same tactics. Crysis also has a linear story that takes place on one island, but the landscape is much larger and more open. The action unfolds at a slower pace in comparison to Modern Warfare, but things happen less predictably. They can choose to assault fortified positions, sneak into bases or steal a boat and bypass them altogether. Lastly, Call of Duty forces players to use an autosave function while Crysis has both automatic and save anywhere features.

Winner: Crysis


The multiplayer formula for the Call of Duty series is still as strong as ever.
Crysis features a multiplayer mode called Power Struggle, where players compete for control points before blowing up their opponents' base in a giant mushroom cloud. However, the giant maps and complicated objectives can draw out game sessions to an hour or more. Call of Duty 4 features more fast-paced action and lets players score points toward unlocking additional classes and weaponry. Also, players can die in Crysis without fully understanding what hit them while Call of Duty 4 has a killcam that recounts the last few seconds of the player's life through the eyes of the killer.

Winner: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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And the Winner is ...

After all the smoke clears, it's Crysis that's left standing over Call of Duty 4.
Crysis uses its superior technology to pull ahead of the modern world. Although we loved every exhilarating minute of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's fight against terrorism, Crysis features a more open-ended world that doesn't always force players to dash from one objective to another.

Overall Winner: Crysis

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