Far Cry 2

I was wondering if my build is underperforming in far cry 2...or maybe I'm just playing on the wrong settings

E8400 not OC
4 Gig of DDR2 800 Corsair XMS2 memory
GTX 260 BFG OC 216 cores
20 inch LCD


Run 1
Settings: Demo(Ranch Small), 1600x1200 (60Hz), D3D9, Fixed Time Step(No), Disable Artificial Intelligence(No), Full Screen, Anti-Aliasing(8x), VSync(Yes), Overall Quality(Ultra High), Vegetation(Very High), Shading(Ultra High), Terrain(Ultra High), Geometry(Ultra High), Post FX(High), Texture(Ultra High), Shadow(Ultra High), Ambient(High), Hdr(Yes), Bloom(Yes), Fire(Very High), Physics(Very High), RealTrees(Very High)

* Average Framerate: 25.92
* Max. Framerate: 35.92
* Min. Framerate: 20.63

Run 2
* Average Framerate: 26.01
* Max. Framerate: 36.05
* Min. Framerate: 20.86

Is this bad? I'm running wrong settings?
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  1. Well, I reckon your machine is not underperforming tbh.

    FC2 is pretty CPU-heavy, I got a 10-15% increase in FPS on my E8400 going from 3 to 3.6 (just up your fsb to 400 and set your memory to 1:1 and instant 3.6. You might not need to adjust any voltages to get that).

    Also the game runs better in DX10, again a 10% increase (I have benched FC2 in some detail due to my recent upgrade).

    Also, you are running at 1600*1200, which is larger than my 1440*900, so I would expect you have slightly lower fps.

    All in all your results sound about right, and I recommend at least a basic overclock to help you out, as well as running in DX10 if you can.
  2. yeah, its performing like crap. I was able to run FC2 with everything maxed in DX10 with 4xAA at 1920x1080 with 30 FPS outside and 40-50 FPS inside.

    I have an e8400 stock 3.0ghz, 8800gt, 2 gigs ddr2 800.
  3. Well, I found that running at 8XAA and having Ultra High shadows takes your FPS for a dive. Try bumping down the shadows to V.High and use 4xAA. That should do the trick.

    Ultra high shadows in particular seems to really kill my FPS no matter what AA setting I am using.
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