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Since I switched from the X1950Pro to an XFX 8800GT I have been crashing randomly during gaming sessions in all games. The time between the start of the game and the crash varies between games. Sometimes I can play for a couple of hours and others I wont make it past 30 minutes without crashing. I have my opinions on what might be the cause of the crashes but this all started after switching the video cards so I'm stuck with the idea that something is wrong with the video card. The temperature in speedfan idles at 40C for the GPU and doesnt rise above 60C during gaming. Other factors you might want to know about before hand on the hardware is: Processor OCed to 3Ghz (E2160) with stock voltage, memory is at stock voltage running at (rated @ 667) DDR2-800 in dual channel, video card is stock at 600/1500/900. These crashes occur for all games, however, in some cases the computer will reboot during gaming and in others it will just give a typical error report from windows and return to the desktop. I have the latest drivers (180.48) and all drivers for the rest of the hardware is up-to-date as well. Any suggestions/information would be very useful, thanks.
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  1. Mobo / PSU specs?
    One thing that comes to my mind is that the old x1950 drivers may be interferring with the 8800GT. There is an application you can use to completely remove all GPU drivers, and then ofc do a reinstall for the 8800GT.
  2. Power supply is my immediate thought, extra drain on it causing problems. How hot is the exhaust from PSU when gaming. How about running the ATI program to stress test the GPU, and see if it crashes then. Unfortunatley there is not much you can interrogate on a PSU to determine how close to its full load it is. Unless you have a power socket analyser thingy, to see how much is being drawn at the wall, however it could only be a single rail that is drooping a little too much so even that would not tell you much.
  3. i think we are all on the same page here then. it cant be the drivers since each time i have updated my drivers for either video card i used driver cleaner and a proper install. as for the powersupply, its a logisys 575w that i got from the local pc repair shop after killing the one i had ordered from newegg. being an amateur, i bought it and put it in because i felt like not waiting another few days for a new psu. it was more of an impulsive purchase than anything.. which i regret. the specs on the psu: +3.3V@38A,+5V@40A,+12V@25A,
  4. oh.... my.... god.... those are the worst reviews i have ever seen. at this point, i consider myself lucky!
    edit: i didnt see the 146 five star reviews though.
  5. 25A sounds a bit light (newegg recommends 26A on their PNY 880GT)

    Seasonic are good and quiet.
  6. not panic too much. It seems that if it survives a day then you got a working unit.
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