Vista 64 Vs Fallout 3 Vs 3d Mark 2006

After installing Vista 64, i noticed that Fallout 3 didn't ran as smoothly as on XP. 3d mark got me 11400, and i remember it was above 12000 on xp. I tried to alter clock speeds with ntune, and i got even worse mark (around 9700). After uninstalling and installing new drivers (yes, i always had the latest Vista 64 drivers for the gfx card) i get usually around 11000. So, is this a normal occurrence under Vista 64. What can i do for Fallout to ran like it used to (1680*1050, High on everything and 4xAA and 4xAA). Now it goes like (1680*1050, high on everything but 0xAA and 2xAF), with slowdowns on some areas (usually when there's smoke).

My specs are:

Core 2D E6750
Gigabyte 8800GT 512mb
4gb ram Team Elite
P35 Gigabyte motherboard.
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  1. Interesting question. I do not know about Fallout 3, but could it be that it uses DX10 in Vista (not sure if Fallout have DX10 support). But if this is the case, then what happens you have better quality in DX10 (like more visible objects, different shaders), but slightly worse performance.
    Again, I do not know if Fallout 3 uses DX10, so somebody more knowledgeable about that game should comment.
  2. Na FO3 isnt DX10. Vista is a resource hog though so make sure you arent using excessive OS eyecandy eg Aero
  3. how can i tweak that?

    and its possible that it can hamper the performance of games and application besides just navigating the OS?

    Because besides FO3, my experience with vista 64 has been flawless
  4. work on an XP PC at the mo and cannot remember offhand, i havent had Vista long myself.
    It is a common issue however so there are plenty of resource sites out there.

    Heres one to get you started,139023769,339278888,00.htm+optimise+vista&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=3&gl=uk
  5. Heya,

    Well, Aero switches off when you're in your game, it's not that. The lagging is likely due to Vista's page filing (constant) and how much extra memory 64bit already sucks up. 64bit can use more memory, but at the same time, requires more memory to function. Vista runs a lot better on higher amounts of RAM as it puts everything there instead of constantly page filing. Your slow drives are always a culprit in Vista gaming when it comes to low RAM values.

    I use Vista64 and an 8800gt right now. I play Fallout3 just fine. And I switched from XP myself. But, I have 8 gigs of RAM and I'm using RAID0 for HDD speed, and I use no page file (it's disabled) and no drive indexing (again, service disabled). Game runs fantastic (I play on a 1080p 37" HDTV). Screeny 1, Screeny 2. Again, Vista64.

    So check your other settings in Vista. You should actually be fine going from XP to Vista64 so long as you have some memory in that box.

  6. but i'm not sure that tweaking aero and that stuff would result in better performance in-game. I was thinking that it could be a problem with either the drivers or the game itself that is not optimized for x64. Or maybe i messed up when trying to tune the graphics card. But i suppose that uninstalling the drivers and installing them again would default things to original settings, right? (i only messed with the clock speeds on ntune)
  7. malveaux, just for comparision sake, do you know what's your 3d mark rating?

    I have 4gb ram like i said earlier, i suppose that's more than enough
  8. vista uses more system resources than windows xp so you will always have less performance on the same supported hardware

    another problem is that 64 bit drivers are not very popular so nvidia doesn't put much time and effort into making good ones (and it's even worst with ATI )
  9. from what i've read before installing it seemed like it was the OS of choice nowadays. Well, i'm too close to FO3 end to bother going back to xp. Hope i don't have any problems with any other game, because besides FO3 everything is great
  10. I had Vista 64bit installed, and could not run the game at all. with Vista 32bit I have no problems running it at ultra high with AAx4, so there has to be somthing with the drivers for 64bit.
  11. Other than closing your background programs, close your sidebar (if you have cpu monitoring programs, etc).

    Fallout 3: You should try to run the game using XP SP2 compability mode.

    3dMark: You should expect a small drop from XP to Vista. I recommend benchmarking your PC with 3dMark Vantage (DX10). You'll have a pretty accurate benchmark (should you want to test difference settings with your rig (OC vs. Standard).

    nTune: nTune is pretty bad in Vista (in fact unsupported by Nvidia). There are other programs such as RivaTuner which could improve your overclocking experience in Vista.

    Make sure you install the latest drivers and all your windows updates (including SP1).

    Don't expect the same results when you go from XP to Vista...regardless of which DX version you're benchmarking.
  12. Heya,

    A huge buggy problem in Vista64 for games doesn't typically come from video drivers, but actually from audio drivers. Lots of onboard and addon soundcards in x64 with emulation just fail in many games. For example, Fallout3 is notoriously bad in x64 when using Xear3d and other emulation. Take a look at what your audio device is. Turn off the emulations and just run it naturally stereo or surround (whatever your speakers are).

    @RuySan, sorry, it's not a game thus I don't bother. I do however play Fallout3 wonderfully on Vista with an 8800gt. Not sure what 3dmark will change about that. Hope you figure your problem out.

  13. OC your proc!

    I played F3 with a E6550 @ 3.4 and a 8800 GTS 320 mb and it ran beautifully on Vista
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