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I just got my PS3 and watched a Blu Ray on it and noticed that I still get the black bars at the top and bottom. Is there a way to make it go full screen or is that just the way Blu-Rays play back. I mean I know movies in the theaters are usually 2:1 aspect and the tv is 16:9, so that would create black bars at the top but I thought they would actually convert those movies to 16:9 for Blu-Ray.

Thanks your help

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  1. Have you tried exploring the output setting through your PS3 setup menus? I do not own one but that would be my guess.
    Altering the ratio through your tellybox only stretches the image i believe.

    I'm sure someone else can be of more help, but this doesnt sound like too complex a problem.
  2. Well i dont think its the tv, it is indeed an HDTV 720p. Games come in full screen.
  3. games come on full screen because they are displaying at a defined resultion, 1280x720 or 1368x768.

    Blue ray discs are a conversion from a cinematic release, and therefore are resprentative of the cinematic aspect ratio, if this happens to be so wide that to keep the aspect ratio right there are black bars then there are black bars, if an image was so tall that it needed squashing let to right then you'll have bars on the left and right.

    You can probably force the tv to 'fill the sceen' but you'd then have two problems, everyone would look very tall and thin, and circles would not be circular they'd be ellipses, and each line would be represented by 1.x pixels in height, and hence would look a little blurry, i.e not whatHD quality is meant to be. TV's should be set on a 1:1 pixel mapping mode so that 1 digital pixel on the source is 1 pixel on the screen, and not 1 pixel wide and 1.3 pixels tall.
  4. Alright thats kinda what I was thinking, just kinda obnoxious that they just dont do one of the following:

    1. Film movies 16:9
    2. Make HDTV's 2:1

    How hard would it be to do one of those two things. I hate all of this aspect ratio crap.

    Thanks for you help everyone
  5. but different films have different aspect ratios, even modern ones, if a director wants something close in a personal then it might be 14:9, if they want something with big vistas and scope then they might get closer to 2:1 1.85:1 for instance is common. So a single ratio would be bad.

    Turn the lights off, then you can't see the bars only the picture. I have a friend how insists on 'filling the screen' everything looks rubbish, blurry, long streched people, or short fat people if streching 4:3 to 16:9.

    16:9 is a good compromise, just remember that everything you see is closer to how the maker of the film wanted it with black bars than without.
  6. It really varies too; in The Dark Knight, scenes filmed with IMAX are 16:9 where scenes filmed with the 35mm were 2.35:1.
  7. i'd forgotten that 2.35:1 was common.

    For reference at 2.35:1 the height of the image @1280 wide would be 544 pixels, so streching that to full screen would result in everything being 32% taller.
    With 1.85:1 the natural height would be 691 pixels tall, streching this would result in everything being 5% taller.
  8. Films are actually filmed at 20:9, just over 2:1. If the "full" film is being shown, then you will have the black bars.

    As has been mentioned, check TV and PS3 menus and manuals.
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