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Hi I have a HD 3850 video card which I use to play cod4. I get 80~60 fps before but when I cleaned my pc and applied a new coat of thermal paste to my cpu (the cpu is getting hot lately) I now only get 40~~20 fps. Please help I downloaded new drivers for the card ,I even overclocked the cpu and gpu ( I have amd 5600 x2 @2900 overclocked to 3200). Please help I can't enjoy my gaming when I have such low fps. Thank you.
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  1. Dont spose you have CPU temps before the new paste was applied?
    Recheck all your connectios eg is RAM seated correctly.
    Download Speedfan and post your CPU temps under load. It may be neccesary to redo your HSF - did you clean off the old thermal paste?

    It may be (ok im rambling now..!) that most pastes take a lot of time (hundreds of hours) to properly set, but this should not affect fps so dramatically.
  2. Redone the HSF set,recheck all connections. Before temp was idle=50°c load= 60°c,after redone idle=30°c load=45°c. I forgot to tell that i had a low virtual memory error also yesterday, increased setting from 1 gb to 4 gb pagefile. Still my gaming is very slow and choppy. Getting only 20 fps when i used to have 60 fps. Also checked for spyware/malware negative results. If this persists i will clean hd and do a new install. Please help if you have any more suggestions. My memory is 2 gb on a jetwayHA06,amd 5600x2@3.1ghz,650w powersupply and a hd 3850. Thank you for any help that I get .
  3. does your powersupply actually has a pci-e connector? or are you using the pcie cable that came with the card? just a guest though, ensure that all the powercables are connected properly.

    you can also try another game and if the same issues occur.
  4. Fixed the problem.Thank you for all your help.Am really greatfull for the comments .Thanks.
  5. edc1022 said:
    Fixed the problem.Thank you for all your help.Am really greatfull for the comments .Thanks.

    How did you fix it, i am currently having the same problem. I had a very low end processor and motherboard and also ram. Then i updated it to much better ram and WAY better mobo and processor. ( EVGA Z68 FTW) and ( Intel core i7 2600k)
    I use to get 200-250 fps in promod, and 100-150 pub. Now i get Red 30-50 fps in a lobby all by myself. Every setting is down. 800x600 and even lower. i have no idea what is happening. Called Intel they didn't help.
    And advice would make me soooooo happy. Please help me.
  6. please list your specs, with what o.s. what drivers your using for the gfx...
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