Prince of Persia (2008) - How could it run better?

Sup yall, my spec:

intel Q6700 (2.6GHz)

Asus P5KC motherboard

Radeon hd 4870 Graphics Card (512MB)

2Gig 1066MHz Kingston Ram
(running at 800mhz because of stupid motherboard problems which i'll be forever waiting for to be fixed)
lots of fans and cooling, keeps cpu between 19C-22C idle, 30C under max load

300Gig hardrive

I have the new prince of persia and I have to say I love it, wasnt a fan of the others but this one has me by the balls.

QUESTION: I run it on max settings at 1680x1050 but I notice the occasional slow down, I was just wondering what would make the game run flawlessley? Slow downs really bug me! ! And dont answer lower the settings, I'm asking what specific hardware purchase would stop the slow downs. I'm thinking 2Gig more ram?

I have fallout 3, farcry 2, COD5, Left 4 Dead, Grid, which can all run on max settings and never lag.

QUESTION: I had the cpu overclocked to 3.2Ghz (tested and stable) and all these games ran flawlessly on them all the way through, but Prince of persia would keep freezing and i'd have to end the game and this problem persisted until I undid the overclock. That was very wierd to me, any ideas?

Anyways, appriciate any opinions and feeback, CHEERS!

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  1. hmm... i am not really an expert.. but here are certain things that have orked for me in the past.. here are a few u can try.. (my mobo is P5kc too)..
    Update ur BIOS..
    Update all drivers..
    If u r on vista sp1, disable automatic updates and specially some crappy feature called "drive indexing" or something..
    and then, if nothing else works, give ur entire hardware and software data here.. Use a prog called HijackThis to get all the running processes.. Hope this helps.
  2. PS.. I am getting the game very soon.. I usually play games like ut3, quake, painkiller, bioshock..
    can u tell me how it compares and if its anything like that?? thanks.
  3. 2gb more RAM would most probably help, you dont mention your OS though. You will need Vista x64 to recognise the extra RAM.
    Its a sweet rig really, cant imagine the problem is that big.

    Regarding your 2nd question....yup thats pretty weird considering it only occurs on one game. I would like to know what might cause this as well.

    @cmashwin i heard its Assassins Creed with better story :D
  4. @cmashwin - its absolutely nothing like the ones you mentioned, which are all first person shooters.
    @OP - try overclocking your CPU for a free boost in performance, and then get 4gigs of ram if neccessary (I must admit I am not entirely sure what PoP taxes most, if its gfx, your pretty screwed unless you want to spend masses of money for minimal upgrade)
  5. since it wont let me edit - @cmashwin, PoP is a platformer, and a pretty good one at that, but it really is completely different from shooters
  6. @spuddyt ok thank you.. is it like the street fighter games?? I guess what i am really wondering is, is it easy to play and can I play it using my xbox360 controller??
  7. youtube a video of it running. Its not like street fighter.You can use your xbox controller, wired plugs straight in and Vista has driver support. Wireless requires a usb hub which costs about £30.
  8. @GordonFreeman U have a 4870HD.. doesnt get better than that!! But still, maybe it lags cos of the 512mb buffer size.. but first try the other methods, if not, u can try overclocking ur graphics card too.. that shud solve the problem!
  9. @pr2thej Thank you :) thats all i wanted to know :)
  10. Wow thanks to all your posts, sorry I havent been checking, very busy day!

    Prince of persia is like tomb raider but it flows better and you fight with swords and a bit of magic.

    Like i mentioned before if I overclock anything then POP will freeze randomly and I have to quit the game, I'm thinking maybe an offical patch will help, have to wait and see.

    And yes the slow down isnt that great, its hardly noticable the majority of the time and you might be interested to know that I played the game on the PS3 today and it has the same slow downs! It only occours when there are a vast amount of things to load on screen or you go to a big outdoor area like infront of the temple.

    Thanks for your input guys! Buy this game !

  11. O yeh and my OS is vista premium 64 and I have a virtual machine running linux. CHEEEERS
  12. Best bet is to go with the RAM upgrade then as you can support it. The slowdown should not happen on a good PC even if you do experience it on a PS3 but then it could come down to a software issue. If it really bugs you then get your google on and see if anyone else has the slowdown.
  13. Do you have vsync on? turning it on/off may help, the initial load took several mins for me untill i put it on.

    But i run the game perfectly with all settings maxed and AF froced through CCC, never falls below 60 (synced).

    my system is
    e8500 @ 3.6
    4gb corsair ddr2 800 RAM
    vista 64
  14. Kyron: The game doesnt work for longer than 10mins if I dont put vsync on! That was my first issue with the game. So yeah that always on. The 4870x2 is an amazingly good graphics card! I would expect anything less than perfect from it! I would upgrade but I ran out of pennies.

    pr2thej: Yeh I reckon I will get some RAM once I get some money, I did google the hell out of it but theres not much out there, it is how I solved the vsync problem tho

  15. *wouldnt
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