UT3 low framerate.

Well when in an intense fight i've seen the framerate go as low as 22 frames per second, in a twitch based shooter like UT3 it almost guarantees you die. I've heard this game was coded very well and should ok even on bad hardware.

E2220@2.4GHz (can't oc dont ask)
8800GS 768MB
Vista home premium.

somebody help please?
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  1. wat settings are u running ur UT3 on?? try reducing them and check. If u cant overclock ur processor, how abt overclocking ur graphics card?? if u r at 22fps, it might make a big difference and make the game playable.. Also, u need 4GB ram to run vista premium so if u can get2gb more,it wud help.

    PS.. i am not saying ur h/w is bad.. but its not great either :)
  2. Well, i play unrealtournament 3 with a old athlon 64 3500+, and the game runs great for the system it's running.
    Try running with the settings at 1 just for the sake of it!
  3. Stick with UT04 ftw?
    seriously....they ruined the franchise with this game >.<

    Constructively, up your RAM as mentioned due to you running Vista - thats your best value option. If you wanna go crazy stick a 260 GPU in there but as you say it shouldnt be necessary.
  4. You haven't played ut1 much haven't you?
  5. I really don't think it's my ram, when the slowdown occurs my HDD is not thrashing at all it just seems like a processing power issue.

    I heard back last year that running vista in general somehow cripped the framerate by about 20fps, strange because every other game I own runs fine on both.
  6. By any chance do you play with the taskbar showing at the bottom of the screen? If so, you might want to take a look at my test results for Crysis:

    TomsHardware : PC Gaming Thread : Test Results: Effect on game framerate when allowing Windows taskbar to show
  7. is this on-line or single player? and what resolution and settings are you running at? if its single player then the AI might be using a lot of cycles during intense firefights, if its multiplayer then your network might be being hammered during the same periods?
  8. I bet this is nothing related to the ut3 itself, but rather something that might run randomly in your background!
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