P4G8X - how to set FSB to 533 ?? Help ??

Brought P4G8X with P4 - 2.66 and 1G DDR
Initial setting is 2667 , 20x, 133MHz.

In BOIS - i've set the CPU speed to Manual, but the next field (CPU frequency multiple) not allow to change, only can change the CPU external frequency (MHz).

Anyone can help as the motherboard spec said FSB is 533 but after i ran 3DMark the result show 133 why ???
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  1. It's this "new math", 533MHz=133MHz. Actually there is no such thing as a processor with a 533MHz bus, it's a lie. The lie is based on the fact that it runs on 133MHz actual clock rate and uses Quad Data Rate for 4 transfers per cycle.

    AMD invented this lie with their Dual Data Rate "200MHz" bus which actually ran at 100MHz, and they were so sucessfull at promoting this like that Intel felt bound by marketing conditions to follow.

    You can't change your CPU multiplier, and that's a GOOD thing. I have an "unlocked" CPU here that won't run above the motherboard's base multiplier on any board that doesn't have hardware multiple controll. Intel added this feature for ease of configuration, although overclockers would choose to believe otherwise.

    So 20x133MHz is right. Your BIOS is giving you REAL data from a REAL clock generator, the clock generator producing 133 million cycles per second, aka 133MHz, in spite of the "QDR rate".

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  2. Cheers mate !!!
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