Vista Ultimate x64 BF@ won't install

For the record, EA tech support is a waste of time.

I just built a new comp with vista ultimate x64 and I cannot get BF2 to install. I run through the install process and at the end of sik 1 I get a "bf2 did not install correctly" error and have to start over. I have started over several times and no fix yet.

Here is what I have tried already:
1) changed compatability mode
2) run as admin
3) tried manual install by copying disks to the hdd
4) tried a 2nd set of disks. yes I know it is pathetic that I have two sets of disks for a 3.5 year old game.

I always get the same message. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. update for anyone interested.

    disk 1 was causing a file(s) to not be loaded and consequently the game could not install. I bought a new set of cd's and it installed perfectly.
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