Tom's Games Announces New Direction

Article by Tuan Nguyen.

BestofMedia Group announces a new direction for Tom's Games. Read on to find out what is.

Tom's Games Announces New Direction
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  1. Is there supposed to be more of a letter or something from you rob. I really don't get what's changing and if it is more than just adding a section for flash games. I really hope it's only that.
  2. WOAH WOAH WOAH!!!!! Just found the link to the message!

    This is crap, who the f*ck wants another miniclip. Your reviews and second takes is what makes tomsgames different and great. This is absolute $hit and I don't see the point in it at all. It was my last place that had serious PC gamers and a pc gamer perspective with affiliation to a hardware site.

    EDIT: Well then, Rob and Travis you will be missed but I have a question, is Ben going with you guys or what's up with that? I know his only contribution really was to host the video's but he also posted on the forums.
  3. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors, Rob.

    But the question I must ask is... Why? Why stop reviewing games, just to make a site to host Flash games? I don't see any sense in there...

    And are you guys going to start up a gaming review site on your own? That would be pretty cool.
  4. toms hardware and toms games is part of my daily web browsing and its sad to see this happening to toms games. I don't get it either, are there not enough flash games on the internet.
  5. Toms Games I will miss you. I sencerely hope that bestofmedia will see the error of their ways or you guys will start up your own site. You have one of the best sites for gamers on the web. Best of luck.
  6. I seriously doubt Best of Media gives a flying **** about what few disgruntled users on these forums think, they're going to do what they're going to do. And people will like it...of course not us...but new users will, and so long as numbers don't plummet they'll keep going.

    With that out of the way, my two disgruntled cents...

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. True today as the day that phrase was first spoken.

    What I'd like to see clarified is does "new direction" mean ditching everything old and starting brand new, or does it mean cutting some stuff and adding some new stuff? I wouldn't hate the latter. I can almost guarantee you from the sound of it I wont like or in any way shape or form use the latter but as long as Second Take and individual game reviews are still being made as regular as before, but I wouldn't *hate* this "new direction."

    If Tom's Games is going to be nothing more than a Flash game website, I feel this would completely discredit the entire Tom's network. For years and years Tom's has been THE place to go to get news, reviews, and articles on what's happening with technology. When you reference Tom's you know it's something serious, thorough, and in depth... but Flash games? No sir, nobody is going to take a website that focuses on Flash games seriously. We are not children and we do not appreciate Best of Media regurgitating a place we love as a place for little kids who don't have a long enough attention span to play a REAL game because they haven't taken their A.D.D. meds.

    And for full disclosure, I have animated quite a bit and scripted in Flash, and even made a few Flash games (none you'd ever see them because I can't write script that well, but they still worked...just a bit too glitchy for the general public), but even I think the best Flash games don't belong on Tom's. The market is saturated enough.
  7. new direction is **** up, I'd rather follow you guys, if you keep writting reviews let us know
  8. Lol,

    Flash games? Who the hell cares about those? We don't come to a tech hardware site blaring the latest gen tech just to end up playing frik'n marbles and gem stones in Flash games!


    Very best,
  9. *checks calendar* wtf, its not april yet...
  10. malveaux said:


    Best post you ever wrote, who needs a wall of text eh :D
  11. Well, there goes that Killer NIC advert then!

    What a ridiculous idea...
  12. Flash games? Who needs another flash game site?
  14. "Tom's Games Announces New Direction"

    ...down the toilet
  15. Epic failure. BestofMedia Group should change the site name to something else. Tom's was an enthusiast site that is becoming a kiddy site. The have killed this site and Tom's good name.
  16. I just checked my calendar thinking I missed about 4 months and it was actually April Fools Day. Sadly this is instead the worst Christmas gift ever.
  17. pvtsnowball82 said:
    "Tom's Games Announces New Direction"

    ...down the toilet

  18. Terrible news. *insert pacman dying noise here*
  19. Absolutely ridiculous.

    Just what the internet needs, more stupid flash games. Such a bizarre move on BOM's part - I can't even fathom what would drive them to do such a thing. More advertising dollars? Page hits? Who knows.
  20. So Im assuming this means your leaving Toms Games Rob?

    Having read many of your articles over the past year and a half Im guessing you wont be happy there after the change.

    Well best of luck with whatever you do.

    Its really hard to find a honest game reviewer out there now. You've always been a straight shooter and the industry needs more of you. However it looks like once again we will be left with more, yes men in the industry that hand out 10's in exchange for a paycheck.
  21. Hurray, here comes the 7 year old's to spam our enthusiast computer site! Cause thats just what we need!
  22. Oh… My… God…

    Needless to say, that is most definitely NSFW.

    Way to keep it classy, Best of Media.
  23. So much for this site.

    If you end up writing reviews for another site please let us know.

    Good Luck with the job search.
  24. It's all been said before me... Bye bye to what made tomsgames worth a click.

    Wall of rant text for the win!
  25. Gotta say it really is disappointing news. Another company hit with the bad economy I guess. "New Direction" is one of these nice expressions that usually means "downsizing". I've greatly enjoyed Second Takes and the reviews - very good job. Good luck guys.
  26. misterp said:
    Oh… My… God…

    Needless to say, that is most definitely NSFW.

    Way to keep it classy, Best of Media.

    Wow, just wow.
  27. You managed to turn an amazing, unbiased, unique site (Tom's Games, and the "Second Take" show) to a P.O.S flash games site !!!!

    Had you a little more intelligent people working at BestOfMedia, you would have realized that you guys needed to EXPAND the old Tom's Games, not kill it.

    Ridiculous decision. Keep doing this type of stupidity to your business, and soon you will see where this road goes to....

    I wish you luck, because this is what you will need. A LOT OF LUCK, because right now, you have NOTHING.

    This is my last message in this domain.

    Goodbye Tom's Hardware, Tom's Games.

    Hello Anandtech !!!!
  28. WHAT A DISSAPOINTMENT! I cannot belive it! I hope Second Take reappears in another website, cause I won't be visiting this f**cking sold out website no more. Go to hell!

    ?!?!?!?!?!?!? are you **** kidding me?!?!?!?!?!?

    A tech enthusiast site, yes lets turn it into a porn site!

    WTF were you thinking, you have just rapped this site....
  30. Who was the stupid MBA uninformed person who made this decision. I have changed my home page from toms to anandtech. I would rather watch some guy be raped in prison than play flash games.... WTF
  31. LOL,

    ****'n good job.

  32. Well I guess my last remaining reason on why I visit tomshardware is now gone. I really enjoyed second take and I'm sure that I'm not the only one. I hope you guys make your own review site or something and trust me when I say your fans will follow.

    *edit* Oh god I just saw that adult section... for christ sakes I'm glad your leaving this dump your much better than this.
  33. Flash games? Seriously? We lose Second Take and honest game reviews for *this*?

    I can't imagine many existing Toms Games readers flocking to Flash Games. I have no idea what Best of Media is thinking, but it makes no sense to me.

    Oh well, one less site to visit during the week.
  34. This has to be a joke. Flash games? Porn?!?

    :hello: <- me waving goodbye to THG
  35. "That's it man, Tom's Games' is over man, game over! What the **** are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do?"

  36. The worst part is not even the gutting of Tom's Games and replacing with Flash games, it's the fact that they are the worst Flash games ever and half of them have so much copyright infringement, that a lawyer could retire on the money made from lawsuits. I'm guessing Nintendo would have something to say about the Zelda rip-off game and Disney about the Nemo....sorry!..."Niimo" one!

    There's even a game that was created for a Miller Lite site and has been cropped in an attempt to hide the Miller logo! Too bad it still appears when you fiish the game. It's just plain theft!

    It's like if CNN decided they were giving up news journalism and were just going to tape episodes of American Idol and rebroadcast them because it had lower overheads and bigger profit margins.

    This is so bizzare!
  37. sinkingship said:
    I would rather watch some guy be raped in prison than play flash games.... WTF

    I think there's actually a game in the adult section that let's you do that.... at least I wouldn't be surprised!
  38. milhouse994 said:
    The worst part is not even the gutting of Tom's Games and replacing with Flash games,

    Actually I disagree. The worst part IS that they've gutted Tom's Games. If I want to play flash games there's plenty of choice out there, and as already stated by lots of others, the majority of people that come here are not the flash game playing type of gamers. The majority of people here are enthusiast PC gamers. This may be a decreasing marketing target, but going for a slice of the oversaturated flash game market instead is a losing proposition. It would have been better to just terminate the Tom Games site, if this is only about cutting costs.
  39. Fanta Flash Tower Defender is fun, id hit that
  40. wait..wut? :o
  41. bah. I used to visit tom's games almost daily, but with this.. 'new direction' I'll have to make an effort to stay as far away from it as humanly possible.
    This is ****, and I hope the 'new' tom's games fails miserably.
  42. I usually don't write to these things, but I had to say something. Tom's Games reviews and especially Second Take were things that I looked forward every week. I just goes to prove how out of touch and ignorant management almost always seems to be that they will destroy something that so many are happy with and replace it with things that are in only their own personnel agendas.
  43. Changing the only 'real' review site by actual mature gamers into a casual gamers flash site???

    What is the point of that, few who come here now are 'flash game' types, so why not just start a new site altogether?

    This 'Nude Erection' sounds like some marketing wetness based on people buying a lot of Wiis and someone thinking, 'the money is in casual gaming, let's jump on that trend'.

    Ah well, the dumbing down comes to us all, whoever is now running this site, go and rent 'Fast Food Nation' and pat yourselves on the back and enjoy your ****-filled meat patties.
  44. I posted this on the open letter thread, but it deserves repeating: this sounds like a terrible move that will make the Games sub-section of Tom's wholly unappealing.
  45. Umm.. that is the most retarded thing I have seen in a while. Review site turning into a flash repository? LOL. GG Toms, now I don't have a reason to ever leave Anandtech.
  46. scooterlibby said:
    I posted this on the open letter thread, but it deserves repeating: this sounds like a terrible move that will make the Games sub-section of Tom's wholly unappealing.

    Understatement of the year my friend!

    And i have said this before but what a joke! This is such bull...
  47. Wow....!!! I'll certainly miss your honest mature and forthright reviews Rob. Too bad these cost cutting measures are being felt everywhere these days. I have to say that over the past few years Toms has held first place on my Firefox toolbar...but not any longer. Ever since the last format change I haven't been able to find anything in Toms unless it happens to be on the front page that day! Used to be this was the "go to" site for puter geek wannabees like me. You guys have to get a site up, hit the forums all over the place and let us know it's up and running....K?

    I can see it all now flash games and 13 year olds go together like ham and eggs. Whooohooo!!
    The forums are going to be just awash in little whitebreads gettin all homie and tawkin trash, gettin in each others grills and $hit. LOL of the previous posters mentioned the dumbing down on the site. :lol: That's an understatement if I ever heard one.

    Good luck guys....Hope ya get a game review site up, so we can come and visit :hello:


    The Canuck
  48. The Canuck----------Right clicks the Toms Hardware button on the toolbar, then hits delete.
  49. This is idiotic.

    This site had a unique look at video games - one from a more adult, intelligent viewpoint than anywhere else out there that I've found. As the "gamer" population gets older, this viewpoint should be becoming MORE important.

    Flash games? You've decided to move from a unique niche to one that's flooded. "Adult" flash games? I really hope that's a fake site or a joke.

    You may as well have just decided this site wasn't making money and take it down completely.. at least you'd still have some semblance of dignity. I realize that would mean more job loss, but anyone involved in the new "flash" site is likely smart enough to know that it's just a matter of time.

    Edit: The above "you" in this addresses whoever the higher ups are that made this decision. It would strain believability to think that anyone actually involved in the previous content of this site would choose this.
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