Rate my Future Gaming PC


I am not a computer expert like everyone here but from the research ive done it seems like these are good components and should work together.

Please rate 1-10
Also if you see any flaws that I havent picked up like FSB problems which im clueless about or bad sized case or any parts that may not work together.

Thank you in advance, I look forward to your response
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  1. This forum is primarily meant to discuss games and gaming. This particular topic would be better placed in the hardware section.
  2. It appears you already did post in the hardware section, earlier on. You got some responses there. So why crosspost? Not satisfied with the responses you got? Please try and keep the forums tidy. One topic suffices.
  3. The previous post in the other area was different hardware. This was kinda just a final decision before I purchased it all. Sorry for putting it in the wrong area just dont know my way around the forums yet kinda googled this site.
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